Production system GAZ country wins

The annual effect of lean production reaches a "GAZ Group" 700 million rubles

10 years ago GAZ "GAZ Group" first among Russian companies has introduced a system of progressive labor organization, based on the best practices of global companies. Now GAZ — a recognized leader in lean manufacturing in Russia. 

Today, production system GAZ has become the most recognized brand in the country in the field of management processes. Her study and actively introduce not only industrial enterprise sector but also companies from other sectors of the economy. The uniqueness of the production system GAS is that it changes the attitude of the individual to the organization of work, their jobs, encourages thinking how to eliminate the extra work, do not add value to the product and makes the process of continuous improvement. Using the tools of production system and triggering mechanism to reduce costs, companies are making drastic increase productivity, improve product quality and comfort of jobs without additional costs. As a result of implementing the principles of lean manufacturing in enterprises "GAZ Group" increased daily rate of output, labor productivity increased by 4 times, production facilities have been compressed to 100 thousand square meters. m, while maintaining the necessary capacity. The annual economic impact of cost reduction achieved through the production system is for "GAZ Group" from 500 to 700 million rubles.

Today the production department of the Gorky Automobile Plant similar to the high-tech laboratory. Modern equipment, site audit of the finished products, similar to those which can be seen on the international automotive companies, the operation of the pipeline and the movement of workers CUT VERY per second. More than ten years ago, there was everything else: string stretched along the pipelines of large metal shelving — storage containers of components and newly assembled cars went not for sale, but to the locksmith, defektchikam: they tidied the car after the conveyor assembly. However, in other enterprises Russian situation situation was no better, so the overall situation was perceived as perfectly normal.

In 2003, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of "Basic Element" Oleg Deripaska has decided to implement international best practices GAZ Production System Toyota. The team studied the principles of lean GAZ Labour Organization, the reformers began to actively implement them in Gaza, while creating his own concept of lean manufacturing.

Thus, the production system of gas has become an integral part of all processes in enterprises "GAZ Group" — from procurement to sales materials and finished products. Basic approaches and instruments of production system used in the development and manufacture of new products: commercial vehicles "Gazelle BUSINESS" and "Gazelle NEXT", Coach "LiAZ", "PAZ" environmental class "Euro-4" and "Euro-5", buses "GolAZ" for participants and guests of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, rulers of modern diesel engine JAMZ-530 and-650 JAMZ.

The secret to the success of the production system GAZ discussed at the "round table" organized by the "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", the representatives of major Russian companies, "Basic Element", "Rosatom", KAMAZ, Russian Sberbank, VTB Bank, and others, whose employees were practical training in the principles of the production system at the sites of the Gorky Automobile Plant, and is actively used this experience in their companies.

Igor Medvedev, Chairman of the PS of KAMAZ, said: "After seeing how the production system at GAZ, KAMAZ CEO posted on GAZ all the top managers of the enterprise to learn."

"If there was a production of GAZ’s unlikely and production system of" Rosatom "would appear in the form in which it exists now," — said Vladimir Kolesnikov, head of the project AKP Corporation "Rosatom".

Valentin Morozov, head of the production system of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation sure to save customers from queues in bank branches failed "due to the fact that since 2009, working in the Savings Bank is organized in accordance with the principles of the production system, the most important of which -" Think about the customer "and "People — our most valuable asset."

Overall, coaches, "GAZ Group" over the years have trained Lean more than two thousand employees of third-party companies and more than 40,000 professionals holding. And it paid off. For example, in the production of machine shop fittings, wheels and steering "GAZ" (included in the Division "Auto Components" "GAZ Group") set up the unit cell flow machining three types of parts (a pneumatic body, disc, cover a pneumatic) that have the same time tact. Previously, the operation is distributed into separate streams, created large stocks of interoperable, used energy-intensive large-size washer, operators working with low load. Now in a cell — nine machines and single sink, which is serviced by a single person. Introduced improvements have reduced the time of the process 8 times, increase productivity by 3 times, improve product quality, improve working conditions.

The production system is already integrated into the learning process of specialized educational institutions for the training of engineers and specialists to meet the needs of gas: the Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University (NSTU) them. RE Alexeyev GAS opened the first department in Russia "production system in mechanical engineering." The educational program aims to maximize learning in a production environment — the emphasis is on practical training in the units of the Gorky Automobile Plant, which allows students to conduct specific training to the specific needs of mechanical engineering.

"My introduction to the production system GAZ began recently at the Department of lean Technical University. His pre-graduation and graduation practice I passed on Gaza. My training has evolved in such a way that in addition to theoretical knowledge I was getting more and invaluable practical experience. Together with employees production system, managers and workers, I participated in solving specific industrial problems. I have had the unique opportunity to see how to apply lean manufacturing tools in action, and to contribute to the cause. No wonder they say that it is better to see once a thousand words. Now I understand what’s even better — to see and participate. I’m sure: those competencies and knowledge that I gained at GAZ, are invaluable to me as a future engineer "- explained the student NSTU Olga Martynov took part in the "round table".

As part of the "round table" "Production System GAS — the evolution of thinking", organized by the "Russian newspaper" President "GAZ Group" Bo Andersson and Nizhny Novgorod Governor Valery Shantsev signed an agreement on the distribution of the principles of the production system GAS among enterprises in the region. President of "GAZ Group" Bo Andersson said that the agreement with the government of the Nizhny Novgorod region — it is an opportunity for businesses in the region to learn experience "GAZ Group" to implement a production system, "We are pleased that we can thus enhance the efficiency of the industry. Moreover, the process of borrowing mutual experience: we as a company that operates in the global market, always trying to learn from the companies with which we cooperate. "

"We need to create new productive forces, but without competent organization of labor is difficult to achieve high results —
said Valery Shantsev. — Example of GAZ is obvious: it demonstrates how you can effectively get rid of the extra costs. President Vladimir Putin has set a target to increase in 2018 labor productivity in the half. GAZ thanks to the experience we set the task by the same date to double this figure in order to show everyone that these ten years we have worked not in vain. "

It’s safe to say that the task of improving business performance is particularly relevant right now, in terms of Russia’s accession to the WTO. The presence of domestic enterprises lean manufacturing system will significantly reduce production costs, optimize inventory, reduce the period of turnover and operating capital would be an economic advantage in the fierce competition.

Alexei Katin
Rights in this material belong to the Russian business newspaper.

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