Professional LCD-display in a glass case: the development and production of

In Russia introduces the concept of a new type of advertising media for example, stopping the complex. In stopping complexes on Tverskaya Street in Moscow mounted professional outdoor LCD-display brightness 1500nit:

Advertising medium is interactive:

This advertising medium is realized by a unique technology. The main component part is dustproof waterproof outdoor-touch display (protection class IP65) brightness 1500 nit production company "Mediavizor":

In the display implemented a closed type of thermoregulation, allowing the display and the system as a whole does not require maintenance. Outside air passing through the heat exchanger does not overlap with the air flow which circulates inside the display. Thus, a high degree of dust and moisture protection screen (IP65), as well as low power consumption at low temperatures. Outdoor displays, which implemented a different approach, firstly, the maintenance — see photo:

Second, the incoming outside air carries dirt which can lead to equipment failure. However, while the display is "hardwired" by the outer glass, it is not passive. Applied capacitive sensor technology allows you to configure it in such a way that the interactivity occurs on the outer glass:

This way you can create any kind of shop window. Making it an information-rich and thus safe to be placed inside the equipment and others.

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