Progress and Askold — town-forming enterprises of Arsenyev (Primorye)

Total number of employees Arsenyev Aviation Company "Progress" — 6.2 thousand people. Whole Plant has 30 shops primary and secondary production.    

Combat helicopter Ka-52 "Alligator" — the main product of the company, which supplied the air force of Russia.

Now preparing for the production of helicopters Ka-52K (naval version), Mi-34C1 — light helicopter, the Ka-62 — the average multi-purpose helicopter. Assembly models Mi-34C1 is scheduled to begin this year. The company provided the state defense order 2020.  

The main products JSC "Askold" — valves for various industries (nomenclature is more than 1200 varieties). The company consistently invests in the renewal of the process equipment.  

Continues to diversify production. In 2011, the shop is open wood processing. Create 100 new jobs.

In addition, JSC "Askold" makes web offset newspaper printing machine "Factor-90." In the past year, "Factor 90" won first place in the national contest. Geographical spread of the printing equipment — from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to the Volga region.





The plans of "Progress" build 19-timestnye aircraft, which are suitable for operations in remote areas of the region — Dalnerechensky, Olginsky, Terneisky and others. For the landing of the aircraft does not need a specially equipped area.

In September 2011, the company was launched modern gas boiler. While this is the only such gas boiler in the Far East — the nearest is in Novosibirsk.  

Construction of the boiler house was an important step in the modernization of the plant, designed for the next decade. 


JSC "Askold" in the market of valves for thermal power complex, manufactures ship fittings manufactures products for the needs of utilities. 

The company consistently invests in the renewal of the process equipment. So at the end of 2011. 33 are in the shop and are now at the stage of installing new machines: turning, boring CJK5116/5225, vertical milling VDF 1200, and two screw-cutting CKE 6180/2000.

These machines are highly productive, produce a high purity surface by treatment in a single setup, treated without the use of a special tool parts of complex configurations, including large. Commissioning of the new equipment will significantly expand the range of valves for general industrial use.  


On the "Askold" plan to produce radiators made of aluminum alloys. In one of the three towers installed robotic complex based on injection molding machines, as well as furnaces. In the summer of 2011 from Italy were brought mold and mounted on casters. 

  • collaboration of Italian and Russian engineers
  • collaboration of Italian and Russian engineers


From 1 January 2011 the production of web offset newspaper machine "Factor 90" renewed by JSC "Askold". This occurred as a result of the merger of "Stentor Polygraph" and JSC "Askold". 


JSC "Askold" continues taken a few years ago to diversify production. The latest Italian production line for deep processing of timber placed on unused mainly manufacturing (pipe fittings) production areas.


The plant "Askold" intends to produce furniture panels of solid wood. The estimated production capacity of 2,500 to 3,000 cubic meters of finished products per year. More than twenty pieces of equipment placed on an area of over 20 thousand square meters.


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