Progress M-14M docked with the ISS (+ video)

Successfully carried out docking cargo vehicle "Progress M-14M" to the docking module "Pirs" of the International Space Station (ISS).

"The space truck" to the ISS more than two tons of food, fuel and other materials for members of the ISS crew.
  Recall launch of a space truck has been executed successfully on January 26 with the launch complex area 1 Baikonur Cosmodrome before — 24 January — Russian cosmonauts from the crew of the International Space Station had a three-hour training session in preparation for the docking of THC "Progress M-14M". Overseeing the process of mooring flight engineers of the 30th long-duration expedition Anton Shkaplerov and Oleg Kononenko. "Progress M-14M" delivered to the ISS in 2669 pounds of cargo, including fuel, water, food, equipment for control systems, communications, and life support, supplies compressed oxygen, medical equipment, personal care and monitor the purity of the atmosphere and the cleaning station , equipment for scientific research and experiments, additional equipment for the Russian and American segments of the station, as well as parcels for the ISS crew.

Video by Reuters

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