Progress M-16M: the next stage of preparation for the launch (3 photos)


At the Baikonur Cosmodrome, work is continuing on the preparation for the launch cargo vehicle (THC)  "Progress M-16M".

Today, assembly and testing site 254 spaceport was setting the ship on the adapter section, through which THC is attached to the third stage of the carrier rocket "Soyuz-U". After completing the installation work "truck" was set to stand where he continues to prepare for the installation of fairing.

In the assembly building site 112 cosmodrome are stand-alone test system control carrier rocket "Soyuz-U", which will have to launch a cargo ship.Launching of a space rocket "Soyuz-U" transport cargo ship "Progress M-16M" is scheduled for August 1.

Cargo ship should be delivered to the ISS more than 2.5 tonnes of cargo — scientific equipment and parts for the station, the fuel to maintain its orbit, food, water and air for the astronauts.

The planned cargo vehicle was launched in the third year. Previous were successfully completed on January 26 (THC "Progress M-14M") and April 20 (THC "Progress M-15M").



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