Progress was placed into orbit

A space truck "Progress M-14M" separated from the carrier rocket "Soyuz-U" and went into orbit closer to the ISS, said Thursday the spokesman for the Russian Mission Control Center (MCC).

The launch of "Soyuz-U" cargo ship "Progress M-14M" was held on Thursday at 03.06 MSK from Baikonur. Docking of "Progress M-14M" to the ISS in automatic mode, is scheduled for 04.08 MSK on January 28.

Previous transport ship "Progress M-13M" was planned reduced from orbit on January 25 after a mission to launch a micro-satellite of the Russian "Chibis-M", and the wreckage of space truck sank in the non-navigational area of the Pacific Ocean.

Another "Progress" will deliver to the ISS products and water for the crew. In addition, the space vehicle will bring books, gifts, fuel tanks refueling systems, medical equipment, clothes, personal hygiene items and equipment for scientific experiments conducted on the ISS. "Progress" will also deliver equipment for the U.S. segment of the station, including food and sanitary facilities. The total mass of all the delivered goods — 2 tons 669 kilograms.

Launches cargo spacecraft "Progress" held since 1972. Total has since made more than 130 starts. Only one launch ended in failure: the transport ship "Progress M-12M" faded August 24, 2011 as a result of the accident the carrier rocket "Soyuz-U".

Currently, the ISS astronauts are keeping watch Roscosmos Anton Shkaplerov, Anatoly Ivanishin and Oleg Kononenko, NASA astronaut Daniel Burbank (crew commander) and Donald Pettit and European Space Agency astronaut (ESA) Andre Kuipers

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