Project Polar Bear SPPM has received the endorsement of the state examination

April 25 received a positive opinion Glavgosekspertizy gets on the reconstruction and development of the SPPM ("White Bear"). Actually it means: SPPM, part of a group of companies InvestLesProm, received permission to build unique to the Russian complex structures and plant for production of high quality pulp from softwood and hardwood raw materials.

The project of reconstruction and development SPPM ("White Bear") includes the construction of a new pulp mill. On the territory of the plant is expected to organize a fully balanced production using the latest environmentally-friendly technologies.

The project envisages the construction of a new production line of softwood and hardwood market pulp capacity up to 700 thousand tons per year. The project will also provide a future increase in the power plant for the production of sack paper up to 300 thousand tons per year and will produce a white sack paper. The use of wood raw material — wood chips and balances imported hardwood and softwood timber — almost waste. Production on the new mill bleached pulp can be a precondition for the release of new products (high quality cardboard). The enormity of the project is that the power of SPPM, has long been a world leader in the production of sack paper, grow more than three times — up to 1 million tons per year. The project has two main stages. The first involves the construction of a new woodyard (WPS) with the infrastructure logistics of raw materials (construction of road and rail sidings, strengthening the coastline). The second stage envisages the construction on the territory of our current WPS, the other objects of the project (lines of fiber and chemical recovery, energy facilities, lap pulp machine, the "island" chemicals), as well as the reconstruction of the biological treatment plant. All the technological solutions of the project based on the use of the best of modern technology in the pulp and paper industry. This will allow the three-fold increase in production capacity to lower the overall environmental impact to a minimum. Disappear even relevant for Segezha — as for any locality where the pulp and paper company uses the sulfate process of cooking — the problem foul-smelling gas: a system for capturing and flaring of gases. "Polar Bear" — a project of the modern enterprise, which is 7.5 times increase labor productivity by 3.5 times — the average wage. Highly profitable production — that address social issues in the region due to increased contributions to the budget of Karelia. Important features of the project are complex processing of wood raw material and reduction of environmental loads on the region. The project will enable the North-West Russia to go on raw materials, as the "Polar Bear" provides a five-fold increase in value-added wood harvested in the region. In addition the processing involved about three million cubic meters of wood raw material annually. The total investment for the project is around € 1 billion over € 15 million has already been invested InvestLesProm group in the development of the project.
Holding JSC "InvestLesProm" formed since 2006. The holding — SPPM (including the unit for the production of paper bags "Segezha PACKAGING"), Sokolsky PPM of "PPM" Kama "LDK" Segezhsky "," Karelia DSP ", JSC" Combine wallboard "New Vyatka" of "CCC" Vyatka-Les-Invest ".

JSC "Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill" (Republic of Karelia) was founded in 1939. Corporatization of enterprises occurred in 1992.

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