Project satellite Glonass-K of the second stage

Held a preliminary design review of the spacecraft "Glonass-K" of the second stage. For this purpose the specialists of JSC "Information Satellite Systems" Academician MF Reshetnev "visited 4 CRI.

In the course of the defense were heard presentations from Reshetnev Company — the main developer of the satellite "Glonass-K". At the conclusion of the experts TsNIIMash and 4 CRI issued conclusions on the conceptual design satellite "Glonass-K" of the second stage. They noted the high level of development of the creation of a new perspective of the spacecraft.
Compared with satellites "Glonass-K" of the first phase of the spacecraft "Glonass-K" of the second phase will have three new signals with a code division two of them for special users in the frequency bands L1 and L2, and one open signal in the range of L1. Further, they realized a number of other functions for solving special tasks. The need for a second phase of the satellites has arisen in connection with the growing needs of consumers to the output characteristics of the GLONASS system. Potential accuracy of navigation definitions of global navigation satellite system GLONASS using the new spacecraft will be brought to the level of decimeters. Orbital group on the basis of satellite "Glonass-K" of the second stage will significantly reduce the impact of various types of interference, as well as the complexity of terrain and urban density for accuracy.
After successfully defending conceptual design specialists of JSC "ISS" will start the development of design documentation and the creation of jobs for navigation satellites "Glonass-K" of the second stage. Launch date of the first spacecraft to be determined in accordance with the Federal Target Program "Global Navigation System" for 2012-2020., Which is being formed.

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