Project thoroughfare Belkomur

Yesterday, at the International Forum "The Arctic — Territory of Dialogue," the governor of Perm region Oleg Chirkunov was a draft "Belkomur."


The project implies a construction of a new railway line straightening a total length of 1,155 km., Including new construction of 715 km., The rest of the reconstruction and reinforcement of existing lines. Belkomur consists of two sections: the North and South. The first lies in the territory of the Arkhangelsk Oblast and the Republic of Komi, Syktyvkar from second on the territory of the Republic of Komi and Perm region.

The project will reduce the mileage of goods at the outputs from the Urals to the ports of Arkhangelsk. At the same time line created by radically improve the conditions of transport service areas proleganiya, and will contribute to the development are rich forest resources, AAC which is used only by 30-40%. The new highway has strategic importance for Russia, because linking the Urals, the Republic of Komi directly from freezing ports of Arkhangelsk, Murmansk and Northern Europe. In the future, the new road will provide the shortest route to Northern Europe and the regions of Siberia, Kazakhstan and Central Asia, creating good conditions for the transit of goods through Russia, and will consider the organization of domestic and international intermodal transport.
the first kilometers of the grid laid station Karpogory Arkhangelsk region


No long-distance railway approaches to develop ports is pointless, and the project "Belkomur" is relevant to all 100 percent. This thesis, Russian Deputy Transport Minister Viktor Olersky prefaced the speech the governor of Perm region Oleg Chirkunova, representing the project.

Now Bereznikovsko-Solikamsky industrial unit key type of business is the production of potash. Investors have started to invest in the development of production. Today the industrial hub produces about 10 million tons a year. By 2015, the volume could increase to 15 million tons.

By 2008 it became apparent that the existing volume of goods can not be delivered to the Trans-Siberian Railway because of the pressure of main branches, and besides, the Trans-Siberian Railway was no longer able to take the load. "Trans-Siberian container traffic to pass in order to fulfill the standard period of delivery and passenger trains to pass. When it is loaded with other goods, starting failures "- said the governor.

Of course, faced with the need to reduce the burden on Transib and divert part of the traffic from the highway. For 2008, was scheduled to decide on the construction of "Belkomur" due to the investment fund. But the crisis broke out and it was decided to slow down are realized by the investment fund projects.

Oleg Chirkunov believes that the project is needed is not only the Perm region.
According to the calculations of the Permian authorities, "Belkomur" already "gaining" the 30 million tons of cargo. This is a major cargo base including the northern ports. Head of the Administration of Perm region shared his predictions and possible solutions that will seek business and government to address the problem of congestion Trans.

The first possible solution — to use the potential of the ports of the Volga and Kama rivers in order to send a part of the cargo to the south. The second solution — strengthening the existing railway hearse from Solekamska to Perm. However, this solution to the problems in the local area.

"The state will spend 20-30 billion rubles and solve a local problem. But if the state will spend about three-four times more (and investors together with the state) if, instead of making the road to the south on the existing route, it will remember existed a century project "Belkomur" and go to the north, we get an additional line, that would solve many of the issues, "- said Oleg Chirkunov.

In the development of the project "Belkomur" has two options.
Estimated highway is divided into two conditional area: southern (from Solekamska to Syktyvkar) and northern (from Syktyvkar to Arkhangelsk). The theory is that one of the southern section of the cargo will most likely port of St. Petersburg. If the project is fully implemented, the total cargo volume of 20-30 million tons will go through Arkhangelsk and Murmansk. This will be a sound basis for the development of the Northern Sea Route and businesses in the northern port cities. In conclusion, Oleg Chirkunov invited all interested businessmen "to be beaten for that" Belkomur "reached the northern seas."

Moderator of the meeting, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Viktor Olersky agreed with the need to build new transport diagonal and urged the States to become co-investors in the project.

1st stage: "Northern region" — Construction of railway section Karpogory-Vendinga
Phase 1 — construction of railways Karpogory-line Vending
the starting complex
Stage 2 — completion of railway Karpogory-line Vending
up to design capacity
The plot connects the light density is now unprofitable spur lines Arkhangelsk, Syktyvkar Karpogory and vending. Thus, it will create a shorter exit from the Republic of Komi to Arkhangelsk sea port on the Kola Peninsula and in Finland, which is the first stage will improve inter-regional and external trade relations of the Republic of Komi and Arkhangelsk region in the exploration of mineral resources, forestry resources.


2nd stage: "Southern Section" — Construction of railway section Syktyvkar-Perm
Phase 1 — construction of railways Syktyvkar-Perm
the starting complex
Stage 2 — bringing the land first stage of the project to
The plot will give direct access to the main Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Vladivostok and cargo will reduce the mileage on the outputs from the Urals to the ports of Arkhangelsk and Murmansk, as well as the ports of Finland.

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