Projects RUSNANO brought 38 billion rubles


JSC "RUSNANO" published the results of last year — revenue from operations of project company was about 38 billion rubles, which is 5.2 times more than in 2010 (7.3 billion), according to "RIA Novosti" with reference to the quarterly report organization.

And the proceeds from the sale of project companies nanotechnology products in the first nine months of 2011 amounted to 3.2 billion rubles. For the whole of 2010 it stood at 1 billion rubles.

"On January 1, 2012" RUSNANO "financed 83 investment projects. Revenue growth on them caused by several factors. First, last year’s "RUSNANO" became a capital of the existing 36 production companies and foundations. Second, the increased revenues of companies previously received investments "RUSNANO". Third, in the past year, we launched 13 new productions, which also contributed to the total revenue ", — Said in a news agency "RUSNANO".

The company predicts that in 2015 revenue already approved projects amount to about 420 billion rubles. Over the past year the company has approved 38 investment projects, for a total of 1 January — 136 with a total budget of 548.5 billion rubles, the share of "RUSNANO" — 230.2 billion

Of the 136 projects funded in the amount of 83 to 100 billion rubles; "Outside" RUSNANO "money was included the entire amount, and by co-investors — about 40 billion rubles. In addition to 100 billion rubles of investments, "RUSNANO" issues guarantees. As of January 1, actually act surety in the amount of 8 billion rubles ", — Said in a statement.

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