Prokhanov the air of Echo of Moscow

M.Koroleva: Hello. It is, indeed, the program "Minority Report", I — Marina Queen, on the contrary — Prokhanov, editor in chief of the newspaper "Tomorrow." Alexander Andreyevich, good evening.

A.PROHANOV: Good evening.

M.Koroleva: Well, the news is the last hour, an Alexei Navalny received in the Kremlin. Letter for overseas property head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin, or, as they say the agency alleged foreign ownership. Received in the Kremlin, and now it will send to the prosecutor. I'm in this connection to you 2 questions. What is the fate of the letter is as it seems? So what will be the fate of Alexei Navalny?

A.PROHANOV: Now, if I was such an ancient park, which predicts the fate and would hear my babbling or in the Kremlin, the Investigation Committee or in the opposition parties, I would have told you. For me, the one and the other is hidden in darkness. And more …

M.Koroleva: For you, then, Alexander Andreyevich?

A.PROHANOV: For me, it is hidden in darkness because I screener, I lowered blinds. These themes have ceased to exist. I realized that this topic-by-night, these themes essentially paralyzes the social consciousness of the country and the people. And instead of being put to the people of the terrible, sometimes terrible problems that await Russia in the future, it is proposed here these pipifaksy, he offered these pointless, grueling, empty the issues that will …

M.Koroleva: Wait. This is the head of the Investigative Committee, here's what you said?

A.PROHANOV: We just heard a scandal involving alleged strangling a journalist in a forest near Moscow. Before that Hinstein talked about it. This tinsel is information warfare, information warfare is a third-rate importance against the background of huge information war waged in the world and in the bowels of giving birth to the future of Russian or pathetic, or tragic. Therefore, I repeat, these topics have ceased to exist.

For example, like stuffing, like total propaganda … Totality of this propaganda would be the envy Volkischer Beobachter or Mr Goebbels, because this is an obsessive day to day, from hour to hour is now bursting of microtia, mikroskandalov, pseudo — it is, of course, terribly public consciousness.

Instead, for example, it would really listen and consider the events that took place two days ago in Severodvinsk, where the plant Sevmash Putin flew together with Rogozin. And there at the plant …

M.Koroleva: Wait, I just want to clarify: we are not going to talk about Mr. Navalny and Bastrykina? That is, you are not interested?

A.PROHANOV: I have nothing to say. If the submarine, which is laid on the stocks and bookmark that, this strategic Nautilus, called "Bulk" or "Bastrikin", we would be talking about it. But since this series of heavy strategic submarines "Northwind" is another name — and there "Yury Dolgoruky", "Alexander Nevsky" and "Vladimir Monomakh" — we'll talk specifically about them, because it is the basic names of Russian history, on the one hand. And the event associated with the appearance of these boats, said that Russia continues to be a country of civilization. This suggests that Russia is able to produce products of civilized values and meaning. This means that Russia is still using this product can influence the course of world history. This means that Russia is not vanished, that Russia is not a member of the Swamp, Sobchak of Navalny's of these pipifaksov who dance on the Marsh platform. It is composed of engineers, scientists, discoverer of the of naval commanders of strategists. And, I repeat, it is the theme around which the debate should unfold. This grand event.

M.Koroleva: Wait, what's to discuss? Well, the commissioning of the boat. What is there to discuss? Fine.

A.PROHANOV: No, it's not perfect! It is said that the Russian history — it's not a dead end, that Russian — it's not ugly, that Soviet history has not ended, that Russia has a tremendous opportunity to continue their movement in the historic and world space that Russian oceans such as the North, for example, He will not be given as given to the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic. What remains, repeat, Russia has great challenges and great goals. And what's more, Russia has a guard of people, able to carry out these goals and demonstrate.

I repeat, this is a huge phenomenon. After all, build a boat — it's not folded oven, you know, and do not run a cartoon. It is, essentially, shake the whole nation as a whole, it is to show that the nation's power remained there machines, there is the working class, a philosophy.

M.Koroleva: Alexander Andreyevich, the nation felt it, what do you think?

A.PROHANOV: The nation is not felt because of the nation that was cut off here this terrible, senseless propaganda that sweeps across all channels.

M.Koroleva: Yeah listen! On all channels just showed what you are saying.

A.PROHANOV: Yes, nothing … See what shows on the channels.

M.Koroleva: What?

A.PROHANOV: This is a continuous series stupid, stupid show is endless, these vulgar nonsense here these discussions here. I'm not talking about the "Echo", because I am part of the "Echo." But also on the "Echo" there is this terrible total propaganda, which I do not want to participate. The meaning of this propaganda, of course, meaning …

M.Koroleva: No, well, you were right to say that you — part of the "Echo." So part of the propaganda.

A.PROHANOV: I — part of the machine, and not propaganda. I — part of the propaganda machine, brilliantly constructed.

M.Koroleva: Here, here, here. Detail.

A.PROHANOV: Yes, detail. But in this case I do not want to participate in propaganda against my values, my great power against the representations against my country. Bulk and Bastrikin — I repeat, these are small …

M.Koroleva: Wait. What do you have them on the same footing as, Bulk and Bastrikin? One — the defendant, the other — the head of the Investigative Committee.

A.PROHANOV: Bastrikin and Navalny — a trivial topic, nabivshaya all on edge. Tomorrow theme will be developed — would be a letter in the Kremlin, mislaid or Bulk win this fight or this fight to win Bastrikin. Or is this fight all lose. But the boat to be launched and the boat will have its own crew of beautiful young Russian people. This is a huge national victory — we must speak about it.

M.Koroleva: Yes. But the boat, we still sometimes drown as you remember.

A.PROHANOV: Let's focus on the idea of the death of Russian, Russian defeat. Here, again, the boat sink and replace it appear sunken boats new boats. Because I remember when I died "Kursk", the kingdom of heaven to the crew, there was a rush in the …

M.Koroleva: Very soon the anniversary.

A.PROHANOV: … in this mountain, this mishap was the pores of the people, "Let us gather funds for the construction of a new boat." It was a naive impulse, because the boat is worth billions.

M.Koroleva: People just do not return. Alexander Andreyevich, in a minute we'll be back in the studio.

A.PROHANOV: And people will return.

M.Koroleva: This program "Minority Report."

A.PROHANOV: People refund.


M.Koroleva: Today is a special view of the journalist Alexander Prohanova I — Marina Queen. You will find all means of communication with us on the website of "Echo of Moscow". Well, if you want to write us a sms, you are welcome too, +7 985 970-45-45. Here, you Andrey from Moscow had already written: "Why do we need this boat? Where to go, then? "

A.PROHANOV: Andrew, you've already sailed and sit on the rocks of this until the end of his. And we sail on.

M.Koroleva: It will all be your answer?


M.Koroleva: Andrew.

A.PROHANOV: No, I'll write a novel instead of an answer.

M.Koroleva: Yes novel, Alexander Andreyevich, anyone can write. You live in a reply to Andrew.

A.PROHANOV: Andrew, if you want, I'll through patronage, on kind to me I will build you with respect to the crew of the boat. Imagine you are working somewhere in the BC-5, floating in autonomous navigation, on your board 16 strategic missiles. And suddenly you ascend somewhere in the Florida area, and all running together on the Florida coast, there Miami to watch the glorious Russian guy Andrew, who, under the banner of St. Andrew also pops off the coast of Florida. What a sensation! How many blogs! What a terrific buzz about it all. Do you? I'll make you this journey.

M.Koroleva: I'm straight, after hearing, Alexander Andreyevich. But I offer you a little bit differently to dream that this boat floats are not in Florida, but, for example, in Afghanistan. Why Afghanistan? Because Vladimir Putin said today in Ulyanovsk, here, just as a point set. He said that "the establishment in Ulyanovsk, a transit point for goods western Afghanistan in the interest of Russia." Thus, he, first of all, as I understand it, replied to his opponents-Communists, who have protested for months against the opening of a base in Ulyanovsk.

He said, he said that "now in Afghanistan there is the constant presence of NATO troops. We must help them — even if they're at war. " End of quote.

A.PROHANOV: Well, it's rather cynical, in his own brilliant response policy. I'm on the "Echo of Moscow" repeatedly said that I was shocked by the appearance of NATO cargo there.

M.Koroleva: Yes, I remember, I remember.

A.PROHANOV: Yes. And by this I do not deny. Moreover, there was a time when he asserted that the military cargo, ie weapons in transit through Russia will not, and now somehow very quickly agreed that there will be, and military supplies, that is, and weapons. Although NATO soldiers, NATO shoe in Ulyanovsk do not see or hear.

M.Koroleva: Well, we say that, at least.

A.PROHANOV: We say so, yes. Well, I think that a country that carries military cargo for military purposes, of course, support these military cargo. There is security, there are people who look after these, perhaps, tanks or rocket launchers. For them to attend — they are experts who have knowledge of these systems.

Regarding this reply Putin, of course, he is, cynical. And I understand, however, the beauty of this cynicism.

M.Koroleva: Well? Explain to us, uncomprehending.

A.PROHANOV: "Here, you — said Putin, referring in general to the Liberals — condemned the entry of Soviet troops into Afghanistan, you thought it was a great crime, or maybe a tragedy. Well, we left the place and stead there came the Americans. Why did they come back, if the appearance of foreign troops in Afghanistan is a crime, and why do not you protest against the presence of the Americans there? "- The subtext is. But the Americans were doing that at the time we did, the Soviet or Russian people. They control the region, they provide stability in the region. "Well, you have smoked out — let us instead of fighting the Yankees, let us instead of fighting people from the states of Oklahoma, Miami and Kentucky." Here's what he said. This is, I repeat, this is enough, that's smart and cynical strong policy response.

M.Koroleva: Wait. But somehow always talking about relations with the U.S. and the West in general, and with NATO especially, we hear the voices of some of our politicians a shiver, well, that's rejection.

A.PROHANOV: courageously or cowardly?

M.Koroleva: No, what is it cowardice? We just do not like NATO.

A.PROHANOV: We do not like.

M.Koroleva: That's not love, right?


M.Koroleva: And suddenly, please Ulyanovsk we open the opportunity for NATO to transport cargo. Really? We are helping NATO.

A.PROHANOV: And here manifested secret dislike of Putin and even, I think, the secret glee. I would not dare so to speak. He said that he let the bloodshed in Afghanistan, not Russian soldiers and U.S., if they are brave and strong warriors. They once squeezed us out of Afghanistan by the liberal Gorbachev and, in fact, beat us in these negotiations. They did not keep their agreement made between the Americans and then the Soviet policy, we no longer send Najibullah weapons, and they helped supply the Mujahideen of these weapons. That is, they drank a now this. Let them lie the bones there, and we'll see, and we will smoke a cigarette at the time.

M.Koroleva: No, we do not see, we do not smoke cigarettes, we help them.

A.PROHANOV: Helping to die.

M.Koroleva: How does it help to die? Loads we carry.

A.PROHANOV: We help them fight. The longer they're going to fight, the more they grind there Mujahideen.

M.Koroleva: That is for you to a NATO base was in Ulyanovsk?

A.PROHANOV: I began by saying that I am against it. What are you?

M.Koroleva: Well, how do against it? All of you have brought to what is now behind you.

A.PROHANOV: I interpret the president's speech. I interpret Putin's speech. It sounds to me like that, "we are going to help you, we will deliver the goods there — make war only there as much as possible, and then see what the outcome of Obama's reign."

M.Koroleva: But you are against?

A.PROHANOV: I — against what a staging post in Ulyanovsk NATO took place. Of course, for me it is an emblematic value. I think the whole world is looking at this item, very keenly for this item follow Chinese, they see this as a kind of a hidden alliance between America and Russia, NATO, focused in the area of China's national interests.

M.Koroleva: Do not grab onto you, Alexander Andreyevich. For you, then you are against. All right.

A.PROHANOV: Try to understand the language of intellectuals Marina.

M.Koroleva: I try. I remind you that Prokhanov in the studio, "Minority Report." And yet, I want you back, no, not for Alexander Bastrykin, but by the law, which is indirectly linked to the case. Law enforcement officers and state officials may ban have assets and real estate abroad. Are you for or against?

A.PROHANOV: Well, of course, it is reasonable. This law, of course, taken with a huge delay. I am not convinced that it will be adopted. Of course, this is a very powerful law.

But now I'm interested in, and then the property that there are, they will retain this or is there a law would require them to part with that property — either sell it, or somehow re-register it on the wives, on children, on the distant nephews and for grandchildren? The law is lovely, of course. It's horrible, when an entire generation of businessmen of large, medium, and maybe even a little treats Russia as a platform where you can earn a predatory and earnings transported to the West and there acquire the property or put them in other people's civilization.

M.Koroleva: On the other hand, Alexander Andreyevich, that's it lives throughout the world. Yes? Now the era of globalization. People buy real estate in different countries. See how China enters the same, which is buying up assets around the world. After all, this is, perhaps, be regarded in a different way — as a conquest of the world. Here, you can win it, I do not know, with guns. And you can win like this — buying up.

A.PROHANOV: Of course. Buy up the whole world. Here, for example, acts as Abramovich — he buys the whole world.

M.Koroleva: Well? What's wrong?

A.PROHANOV: Explain. In Russia he has a huge metal, metal mining. He pulls up the ore, it melts it, he and the oil, in my opinion, the business remained. He pays his taxes are relatively small. All the profits he earns from this business, it translates back to the West. And this profit is working on a different civilization, it runs on Abramovich's yacht, she is working on the disastrous acquisition of real estate, she is working on foreign sports clubs.

M.Koroleva: But it is true, this is not a civil servant.

A.PROHANOV: It is not a state employee. And, here, state employees, too — they are translating these billions and throw the civil service, will become pure businessmen. Do you understand? After all, created way. This is, after all, this is the way. Established way of life, in the depths of which are billions of dollars. These states have not seen the world, there is no your globalized world has not seen such fast, rapidly growing states. And these conditions are immediately transferred to the West instead of these states went here to create a new Russian civilization. There are no roads, a large number of street children, education is falling, filth multiplying …

M.Koroleva: Eka you remembered. And we built a boat?

A.PROHANOV: filth multiplied. And it is not enough money for rearmament, not enough money to create space groups, they have to scrape every time. And all the money goes overseas.

For example, I remember Cherkizon. Do you remember what was the scandal? It's a hole in the Underworld, you can go down there, there's 9 circles of hell. These huge trucks that are full of Uncleared goods. This Telman Ismailov — the criminal, it must be judged. He flees abroad, he is hiding there because he's built somewhere in the Emirates Palace gold worth billions of dollars. These dollars earned here in our Cherkizon. This is our dollars.

And then he quietly returned here involved in Olympic projects and he is comfortable citizen of Russia, is still, apparently, helps our intelligentsia their handouts and feeding bowls of caviar our noble directors with liberal faces.

This monstrous way and this way must be destroyed sooner or later. And here's the law that are trying to take, and which, I am afraid that will not be accepted, it is the first timid step towards the normalization of this monstrous evil that prevails in our lives.

M.Koroleva: Wait. All right. Let us imagine that it will be adopted. Do you think he will act? Now, you yourself have mentioned that it is possible, for example, to rewrite it just for my family, for children, for women, for the wife's mother, finally. Huh? Fine. The very public servant will not have any property and real estate, and his relatives are.

A.PROHANOV: Let's see what is written in the law, because there are laws that specify and that such a transfer of property to relatives. That is, the declaration, in my opinion, if I'm not mistaken, that should bring official, they include a declaration of ownership and close relatives.

M.Koroleva: Good. I am, after all, come back, do not believe it, to Alexei Navalny. Well, not quite up to him and not to his work — I realized that it was not interesting to you. But the parties are you interested in?

A.PROHANOV: the party?

M.Koroleva: Game. You also interested party, right? Now, supporters are trying to create Navalny now a new party. However, he himself in this project will not participate.

A.PROHANOV: Here's a topic, yes.

M.Koroleva: But how?

A.PROHANOV: You have touched me to the quick.

M.Koroleva: Well?

A.PROHANOV: Here is what you need, you know? I thought about it for the past 10 years. Finally, I waited. Navalny has created a party.

M.Koroleva: Wait. But you probably will not deny that Alexei Navalny mass of supporters in Russia?

A.PROHANOV: If Bulk changed his coat, and we'll discuss it?

M.Koroleva: None. Coat — this one, and the party — more.

A.PROHANOV: Or if it is on this coat sewed himself among the bone buttons, one silver? I have this problem is not interested.

M.Koroleva: And the party, which may enter the supporters Navalny, you also seem uninteresting?

A.PROHANOV: Absolutely.

M.Koroleva: Do you think that it does not gather enough supporters?

A.PROHANOV: None. I think that Russia offers enormous difficulties ahead and formidable. And you need to think about it. Syria will fall or not to fall? Will be destroyed if the last foothold?

M.Koroleva: Wait a second. Russia Syria? I understand you correctly, that we should be interested in Syria now?

A.PROHANOV: We must always interested in Russia and Russian only. But Russia — this is not Navalny, Russia — it is also including geopolitics, where the god pushed Russia. Syria — a battle for Russia, because losing Syria massacre begins in Iran, terrible terrible massacre. And this corridor that Americans now eat through on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea from Tunisia, Libya, Iraq, where, Egypt, Syria now, the corridor stretches into the heart of Central Asia ours. Turn after Bashar — it Karimov is Rakhimov is Nazarbayev's all Central Asian underbelly. There will be those of the revolution, there will be those bombings. And I was wondering whether Putin will surrender? Does it give way to Americans in Syria? Or he will put here a point on the retreat? That's what's important. A number of crazy or possessed in the party Navalny — it is absolutely irrelevant to the fate of Russian and stories.

M.Koroleva: I understand: you are interested in Syria. Prokhanov and journalist. A few minutes later we meet again.


M.Koroleva: Today is a special view of the journalist Alexander Prohanova. Once again I remind you that all communications on our website you will find. Well you phone, of course, also know for your smsok.

Another question about Navalny and never will be. Well, simply because it asks Irina. Well, she sent the SMS. It holds you, by the way, a very knowledgeable person. "Alexander Andreyevich, you do not want to talk about Navalny, because you are afraid blab about some plans for him?"

A.PROHANOV: Yes, before I answer Irina, using a case (just a minute will not be presented), I want to thank Rabbi Michael Finkel, who lives in Tel Aviv, who sent me a beautiful letter …

M.Koroleva: Wow transition.

A.PROHANOV … expressing solidarity with my ideas about the world, about Russia. And I am very grateful to him because he, as, indeed, seems to be very deep, a religious man, he distances himself from the minority of aggressive and evil, and that sometimes bothers me personally and my compatriots and friends.

M.Koroleva: I think Michael would appreciate your greetings. Now let's take about Irina and Navalny.

A.PROHANOV: I appreciated his letter, I bowed to him over the air. Do I know anything more than what I say on the air about Navalny? Yes, of course I do. Because I — the omniscient person, I know the whole story, I know I see his fate, the way I see it. I've heard talk of sacred sacrifice. I would even like to model his behavior on the pages of his move, maybe the next book.

M.Koroleva: I've realized that now is about the novel.

A.PROHANOV … next book. But one thing I can say my dear listeners, Navalny has never become president of Russia.

M.Koroleva: Remember this, Irina, you said today it Prokhanov, you can then test it in the same way as we all do.

But let us then about Eduard Limonov. Because yesterday was the 31st, and I must say that I myself yesterday, happened to be at the Mayakovsky 2 hours before the start of this action (accidentally, I swear), I saw a picture of it, close to the fighting. There were preparing for war. There were almost no armored personnel carriers, there were police cars, it was a lot of people in uniform, riot police, everything was blocked. Vladimir Mayakovsky was all fenced. In short, yesterday was again detained people, a few dozen people. 31st, the action on the Arc.

Here you are asking about Limonov. Now, he regularly holds a meeting for the 31 th article of the Constitution. How do you feel about this stubbornness?

A.PROHANOV: Well, I think that there are winds in the world, that throughout the history of the Earth blowing in one direction. And, of course, there are ships that this wind substitute their sails.

M.Koroleva: But you do not belong to this?

A.PROHANOV: I do not belong to these vehicles, nor to those sails.

M.Koroleva: You keep blowing in a different direction?

A.PROHANOV: No, it winds blow. And I do not blow. I think Lemons — excellent writer, such a sophisticated, such an esthete. His political activity — that's his choice, his fate. In part, it fuels his creativity, it feeds his mind and thinking. This persistence is, apparently, respect. But there is some unresolved infantilism. Because there is a time when people rush to the barricades and then execute them on Grefskoy area or break the sword over their head in the Haymarket. And there is time, when the same people, old age, they gain a different experience and a different world-consciousness. And the meaning of life — they finally visit them, they become metaphysical and sometimes become educators Crown Prince, as it was with Dostoevsky.

M.Koroleva: So fight for your beliefs do not need to actively?

A.PROHANOV: Just these beliefs — they are, in general, have changed over the years, and they have to move out of the area, the revolutionary total of protest in the region such cosmic consciousness, in-depth understanding of the entire area of metaphysics life of your own brief. That's what I believe.

And as the creator Limonov, Limonov-hero, it's no doubt.

M.Koroleva: See. But if, say, he is summoned to the court (he was summoned to court on the 9th of August) and, if found guilty of violating the new law on mass events, he will award a fine of 300 thousand rubles. He has already said he will refuse to pay such amounts. But, here's how you think it's normal when a person is in accordance with Article 31 of the Constitution on freedom of assembly in the area, in general, no one does anything wrong. Why was it necessary to take such a fine? And why does it need to be immersed in a paddy wagon?

A.PROHANOV: Well, of course I think it's absolutely insane shape. I think I need this area razgorodit, give this area Limonov. They'll settle down. Because, after all, Edward Veniaminovich said that he stole the revolution. The revolution is indeed stolen from Limonov and it moved from the Triumphal Square to Bolotnaya, there are raging passion, there are rejoicing victorious …

M.Koroleva: Well, right now at the Swamp calm at the moment.

A.PROHANOV: I'm talking about the figurative areas. Now calm and at Triumph, among other things, too. Do you? That is, until we speak, there is quiet and calm. So, if there dismantle these obstacles, these turnstiles, it will Lemons with their teams, he has very few of these people. It is such brave Limonov, devotees from artists such policies. And there they will dance a little, podeklamiruyut and leave. Because they did not go to the swamp, where sit their enemies, the thieves who stole from them their triumph, their revolution, their victory. I think that Limonov is not dangerous. I would not even …

M.Koroleva: So you would be allowed to go out of the Arc?

A.PROHANOV: I would be allowed, but I thought. You see, in Moscow, a day of the city.

M.Koroleva: So?

A.PROHANOV: This is such a great, such a theater, sometimes comedic situation when clowns go, go knights, rooks are officials in Moscow. And it was a tradition in Moscow. Here, assaults Triumph Square limonovtsa with a paddy wagon — they also acquired the character of such a procedure festive. This has been going on for years. But it will take decades, centuries pass, Limonov's followers will go to the Triumphal Square, children, grandchildren Limonov. It has long been going on inside fraternization between riot police and Limonov.

M.Koroleva: I think this is again a novel, Aleksandr Andreyevich.

A.PROHANOV: No, it is reality. They are waiting for each other, they need each other, they need each other. They know where to go, what they will plant paddy, what it's all over. It has become a ritual. It's a ritual, really. Strategy 31 — a precious ritual of today's life in Moscow.

I now remember, when I was, like, younger and poazartnee, I was, I was on the barricades in 1993, I went to the march on Moscow. What a sight it was powerful when, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it seemed that all the people's energy goes to these marches, running from October Square to Karl Marx, there to Lubyanka.

M.Koroleva: The same was infantilism.

A.PROHANOV: Well, it was such a hype, a delight. And, lo, these massive marches sang "Varshavyanka," rumbled the bell, carried portraits of Stalin and banners with the image of Christ. It seemed a bit surprising. And then over the years it has become a nice tradition, and these marches, no one is afraid. And when Zyuganov Communist Party is on their marches, foreign tourists, the bourgeois come to photograph them. It is so interesting, it's like a Venetian carnival. That's it.

M.Koroleva: Well, now we see how in connection with the new law on rallies all this will go.

A.PROHANOV: And these laws will execute only those Moscow Venetian carnivals.

M.Koroleva: Alexander Andreyevich, we literally 3 minutes left, and we do not talk with you about your favorite subject. We have the same thing going on now, too ritual — it's the trial of Pussy Riot. Here, let me just ask you a few questions from our listeners. Pussy Riot for you or for Christians who require strict punishment for Pussy Riot? The question is simple: for or against?

A.PROHANOV: Why is unambiguous, then? He is not unambiguous.

M.Koroleva: Well? Unambiguous.


M.Koroleva: For Pussy Riot or for Christians who require punishment?


M.Koroleva: You heard there are witnesses, outraged witnesses.

A.PROHANOV: Nothing I have not heard. I do not know. I even forgot who the Pussy Riot. I can not answer you this question. I'll come home and start flipping the newspaper files. Pussy Riot — what's that? This dish? This pizza is that? It is a soft drink?

M.Koroleva: No, it's 3 young women who are now sitting at a given time in the courtroom.

A.PROHANOV: And these are the three heroines, who believe that the world is living in an era of Pussy Riot? They think that the world is living in an era of Pussy Riot? No, the world does not live in the era of Pussy Riot. Pussy Riot — they have already forgotten, whatever the process was over. They simply do not exist.

M.Koroleva: Well, wait, wait.

A.PROHANOV: I will not wait.

M.Koroleva: So you're for them or for Christians who require a hard punishment?

A.PROHANOV: I turn my back to the process.

M.Koroleva: But you should not do, because Patriarch Kirill …

A.PROHANOV: Everything I do, I do not in vain.

M.Koroleva … which, I hope you respect, today said the court — is an important execution in human society. That's it. That court shall establish the truth and justice. Do you agree?

A.PROHANOV: I do not think so. I think there is a divine court, and the court mundane — it is governed by laws, and laws are constantly changing. At one point, we are not going to end the ether, will come out of the studio and we will be outside the law, because the laws for the time change. And I was present in the historical eras in which some laws immediately began to deny the other. So I am for the law was very skeptical.

M.Koroleva: A to court?

A.PROHANOV: By God's judgment — yes.

M.Koroleva: Such a trial.

A.PROHANOV: A court operates rapidly varying these very, very wrong, unsteady laws of this world.

M.Koroleva: So you are against the Patriarch?

A.PROHANOV: It's you against the Patriarch. And I'm for the Patriarch, and for all the Russian clergy, and for deacons and acolytes for, and for the cell-mate. I'm here for them.

M.Koroleva: Yes. Okay, that this series is over. So, the journalist Prokhanov, editor in chief of the newspaper "Tomorrow." It was a program of "Minority Report," and I, Marina Queen. Happily.

See the movie Prokhanov "Soldier of the Empire." 4 series

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