Proletarian factory put the pumps on Kashira SRPS


October 15. "Proletarian factory" made a shipment of feed pump model PN 1135 for the branch "Kashira GRES" Enel OGK-5.
Pumps, manufactured by JSC "Proletarian factory" designed to feed water into the boilers of thermal power units with power capacity from 250 MW to 1200 MW. The equipment is part of the turbopump and electric pump units. Feedwater pumps are installed in the engine room of the power plant.

Feed pumps for power units of 250 MW and 300 completed the drive, back-pressure turbine production of "Proletarian factory". At present JSC "Proletarian" manufactures and distributes nutritional pumps Mon 4th generation, and is upgrading existing at existing power plants and power plant.

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