PromAgroPritsep (Cheboksary) began production of chassis trailers for drilling equipment

Company "PromAgroPritsep" mastered the production of chassis trailer load capacity from 26.0 to 40.0 tonnes of drilling equipment.

The first batch of truck chassis trailer load capacity of 26.0 tons is made to order one of the leading enterprises of oil and gas equipment LLC "Idel Nephtemach."


Trailer chassis for transportation of drilling rigs, made for the needs of the oil and gas sector has been individually developed and put into mass production, the maximum trailer load capacity of 26.0 tons, thanks to the design decisions, load the trailer of this series can be increased to 40 tons.
In the present "PromAgroPritsep" in talks with several companies to develop and manufacture trailers for the installation of the equipment.

Ltd. "PromAgroPritsep" specializes in the design and manufacture of trailers for the transport of any construction machinery, as well as chassis trailers for the installation of any equipment with a weight of 1.5 to 40.0 tons. Trailers are equipped with ramps providing zaezdnyh angle of arrival of equipment 10 deg., Removable / fixed sides, frame and tent.

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