Prometheus is a new structural materials with unique properties


At the International Maritime Defense Show-2011, which will be held in St. Petersburg from June 29 to July 3, CRISM "Prometheus" will present samples nitrogen-containing steels, new structural materials developed by the scientists of the Institute.

They have unique properties: high strength, ductility, low permeability, high corrosion and wear resistance, excellent weldability, resistance to low temperatures to — 60 ° C.. The range of application of new materials is very wide: shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical, pulp and paper, food processing, medicine.

In addition to nitrogen-containing steels, the stand CRISM "Prometheus» (№ 823), the participants and guests of the exhibition can see examples of high-strength steels, which are used in the creation of large diameter pipes ruggedized for use in the northern latitudes, including the Arctic shelf. Titanium alloys are used in the nuclear industry, creating equipment for production and processing, shipbuilding. Thus, the construction of domestic deep-sea manned submersibles and submarines is being made of titanium alloys developed "Prometheus." In recent years, the institute’s specialists are improving the technology of functional polymer materials. Based on them are high-spheroplastic for deepwater technology, heat-resistant anti-skid coatings for decks of aircraft carriers and decking of bridges, wear protective sealants and coatings for corrosion and erosion protection of high-speed vessels, pipelines, vibration-absorbing materials and coatings for floors, foundations and mechanisms vehicles and structures.


Nuclear scientists and ecologists are interested in new construction materials for advanced nuclear power plants. "Prometheus" will present at the show radiation hardened steel and welding materials for housing nuclear reactors and high average power, floating nuclear power plants, power plants for ice breakers with fundamentally new performance and long life. New materials "Prometheus" will extend the life of reactors to 80-100 years while maintaining their safety by brittle fracture.

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