Promising propulsion system for small satellites successfully passed the stage of fire tests

On a test basis KBhimmash them. AM Isayev, the first stage firing tests propulsion systems (distribution of pulses rods) for small satellites, developed by the State Research and Production Rocket Space Center "Progress Samara Space Center."

The system of distribution of pulses rods (SWEET) is a promising propulsion system and is designed for orbital maneuvers of the spacecraft, its orientation and stabilization, according to a press release from Space-Rocket Center. SWEET designed and made by experts "TsSKB Progress" block-based tanks and reinforcement of their own making with the use of liquid rocket engines developed by Institute of Engineering and KBhimmash. For the "Progress Samara Space Center" is the first experience of creating the propulsion system for small weight and size of spacecraft.

The second stage firing tests SWEET will be held in September this year, after which it is planned to conduct flight tests in the small satellite remote sensing development "Progress Samara Space Center."

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