Promtractor a presentation bulldozer CHETRA T20.02K and ATV CHETRA TM140

At the landfill, "Promtractor" (Cheboksary Chuvashia) the presentation of the upgraded CHETRA T20.02K bulldozers and caterpillars CHETRA TM140.

Guests (50 largest Russian companies: JSC "Lebedinsky GOK", "Norilsk Nickel", a unit of OAO "Gazprom", JSC "NK" Rosneft ", Office for the construction of roads and airports for Special Construction of Russia, the company-dealers" CHETRA-PM "in the various regions of the Russian Federation):
visited "Promtractor" where he showed CHETRA show, demonstrating management filigree multi-ton machines that perform high-precision manipulation;
had a direct dialogue between the equipment manufacturers, on the one hand, and its retailers and consumers, on the other hand, discussed the issues of production and service of products under the brand CHETRA;
visited the only museum in the Russian history of the tractor-based holding Machinery & Industrial Group NV, with the support of the Russian Engineering Union.

"Promtractor" — The only one in Russia and the CIS, as well as the world’s third largest manufacturer of heavy dozing and ripping and pipe-laying equipment. Machines produced by the company are used in the oil and gas, mining, and construction industries. 

The representatives of mining companies during the test drive vehicles marked high technical and operational characteristics of the upgraded CHETRA T20.02K bulldozer and tracked all-terrain vehicle CHETRA TM140. According to the expert opinion of the representatives of the largest Russian companies CHETRA technology is at the leading manufacturers.

"For some models CHETRA has no analogues in the world. First of all, it’s a bulldozer CHETRA T20.02. Course, cars of this class a lot, but they have very high ground pressure, — said the representative of the" Norilsk Nickel "Sergei Voronov — is does not suit us, because we are working in the tundra, where the requirements of environmental safety in recent years has become tougher. CHETRA T20 meets all the highest criteria. "

According to Ivan Goncharov (LLC "Kuzbassenergoressurs"): "Upgraded bulldozer CHETRA T20.02K easy to drive, hydraulic responds well, gruntotseplyaemost great."

"All the technical advantages of hard to list, but I would point out one of the main advantages — a comfortable environment for the driver-operator — said the mechanic of" Lebedinsky GOK "Nikolay Prokhorov. — Cabin CHETRA T20.02K modernized, it installed sliding windows, refrigerator, heater with fan-assisted, provided heating battery. machine has a high maneuverability, it is easy to manage. "

 CHETRA T 20.02 





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