Promtractor put on the production hopper car model 19-9838-01

CJSC "Promtractor Wagon" (located in g.Kanash, is part of the Concern "Tractor plants") has successfully completed work on the formulation of the production hopper car model 19-9838-01. Kanash car builders December 13, 2012 received a certificate of conformity SSFZhT to produce the initial batch of cars in the amount of three thousand units.

New Product Promtractor car is designed for the transport of cement and other more than 80 items of bulk cargo requiring protection from the weather. Hopper car provides a highly cost-effective traffic compared with existing analogues of the Russian and Ukrainian production. Achieved this through increased operational reliability offered by these "know-how", as the use of high-strength steel, the improvements concerning the construction of the car, as well as the use of carts model 18-9771 overhaul with increased mileage. All this is possible to reduce the tare weight of the car, to increase the volume of cargo carried, to extend the turnaround of the new enterprise product.

Compared to peers, hopper car model 19-9838-01 benefits in terms of carrying capacity, cargo capacity and tare weight. Car builders have considered proposals operatives that were finalized in the design of the car.

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