Propagandists — perverts now not be good

Today, the Federation Council approved the introduction of heavy fines for such actions …

Today, the Federation Council approved the introduction of heavy fines for the promotion of perverted relations among minors, reportsRIA Novosti. For individuals the law establishes penalties of up to five thousand. Officials for such actions face a fine of up to 50,000 rubles, and legal — of up to one million rubles.


At the same time, for the propaganda of homosexuality through the Internet and the media provided more stringent sanctions. In particular, for individuals the maximum amount of the fine will be up to 100 thousand rubles, and for officials — up to 200 thousand rubles. Legal entities face a fine of up to one million rubles, while for them, and provides an alternative form of punishment in the form of a suspension of up to 90 days.

The new law allows the fine for the dissemination of information aimed at enhancing the attractiveness of children of homosexual relationships and creating their "distorted view of the social equivalence of traditional and non-traditional relationships."

The bill was submitted to the Duma in March 2012. During the review it has undergone several changes. In particular, it was removed from the text, the term "homosexuality", replacing it with "non-traditional sexual relations." In June 2013 the lower house of parliament passed a bill in the final reading. After obtaining the approval of the Federation Council of the document should go to the President for signature.

At present, these laws are already in place in several Russian regions. In particular, they are taken to Arkhangelsk and Ryazan, Kostroma, Novosibirsk and Kaliningrad regions.

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