Properties of melted butter (ghee)

In all respects, ghee is a unique product. It is interesting to know what is right cooked in ghee sealed condition does not deteriorate. Furthermore, it is more, the greater its therapeutic effect. For example, ghee hundred exposure, a drug rare strength, and in ancient times it was used for the treatment of the Kings.

Ghee Ki (Ghee) — one of the treasures presented to us a sacred animal — cow, has incredible healing properties for the human body:

aids digestion, improves absorption and assimilation processes, does not raise cholesterol. In Vedic times it was called "liquid gold", and the wealth of the householder was judged by the way which he had a stock of melted butter. This oil is used as a medicine! And it is believed that its medicinal properties are improved with time. Do not require refrigeration! Pure ghee is not spoiled and well kept, even in hot climates.

Pure ghee protects our body from the harmful effects of free radicals, is an ideal source of fatty acids.

Ghee — is a Sanskrit word that means melted butter. Ghee — this is no ordinary butter, lactose and other milk residues (which is why this oil is suitable for people who can not tolerate lactose). Ghee is prepared by boiling butter and remove the dried-milk. Ghee is considered to be the most useful for cooking, as it promotes its absorption and excretion of food residues from the body and improves the complexion.

Despite the fact that ghee — is a saturated oil, in its molecular structure, it is different from other animal fats. It consists of the fatty acids with short-chain chemical (easily digestible by the body), as opposed to fatty acids with a long chain chemical (which is difficult to digest and causes cancer and blood clots). Ghee is more nutritious and, as studies have shown, if it be consumed in moderation, does not raise blood cholesterol levels.

Ghee has a number of other benefits. It comprises a fatty acid of 8 percent less saturated than other edible fat, which makes it easier to digest. Casein protein, increases the level of cholesterol in blood is removed from the ghee butter during its preparation. Ghee contains the antioxidant vitamin E and is the only edible oils containing vitamin A. Antioxidants can help prevent oxidation of lipids, atherosclerosis and causing DNA damage in cells. According to one study, ghee contains no cholesterol oxidation products.

Ghee contains from 4 to 5 percent linolenic acid, essential fatty acids, which provides a growth and development of tissues and organs of the body. "Essential fatty acid" means that the body itself can not produce this acid, and for the proper functioning it must get it from food.

Ghee stays fresh for three to four months, even at room temperature, it does not become rancid and not oxidized.

Ghee does not burn when frying. This is a very big advantage as vegetable oil and butter in combustion are carcinogenic, create free radicals, and are difficult to digest.

Ghee is ideal for hiking.

Make clarified butter ghee is not difficult, but it takes quite a long time. To reveal the sweet nutty flavor of ghee, you need a long time to heat it over low heat until it has evaporated from all the water and the milk solids have separated and do not come to the surface. By removing these particles, you get pure amber oil ghee.

Butter, cut into pieces and put in a saucepan tolstodonnuyu. Heat over medium heat until it has melted. Then reduce the heat to a minimum and heat without closing the lid.

After a while it starts to boil, and will hiss. From time to time it is necessary to remove the foam from the surface of the oil and make sure that it is not burnt — you can get in the way of his sly, so that the particles deposited on the bottom of the pan does not burn. The oil is ready when acquires a golden color and becomes transparent so that through him you can see the bottom of the pan.

The finished oil off the heat and let it cool slightly. Then, carefully drain the oil into a jar or pot through tightly folded cheesecloth and cool to room temperature, uncovered. Svezheee oil — clear and dark golden. After cooling, it may freeze (solidify) and get yellow — "Sun" — color.

Cooking time ghee in this way depends on the quantity and quality of raw butter. Average:

1.5 kg — 1:00 — (output ghee) 800g;

2.5 kg — 3:00 — 2.2 kg;

5 kg — 5:00 — 4.6 kg.

Fry products in one and the same oil may be several weeks, until it begins to be burnt. If gi even after filtration is black, or makes a pungent odor, it should be discarded.

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