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After the terrible terrorist attacks in New York on September 11 quoted everywhere predictions of a medieval astrologer Michel Nostradamus, who knew about the alleged trouble that befall America. In this regard, it is interesting to recall other prophecies about the last XX century, to see which of them have come true. In this "conversation" has helped researcher who specializes in astrology and the prophecies of Nostradamus Alex Penza.

Prophet forged terrorists
— Muzzy with fear and horror Americans are looking for the answer in the prophetic book of Nostradamus absolutely nothing — says Alex Penza. — Continuing to reprint quatrain "In the city of God will be a great thunder. / Two brothers will be torn to pieces, while the fortress will survive. / The great ruler will not stand. / The third big war will begin when the big city lights" does not belong to his pen. It's all very clear and very beautiful, "City of God" — of course, New York City, "two brothers" — WTC, "fortress" — the Pentagon, the "great leader" — George W. Bush. I only wish that in the books of Nostradamus does not even hint at these words. It's a brilliant pastiche and a good publicity stunt, which is clearly prepared in the same place and pilots bombers to cause panic and destabilize the situation. I was immediately reminded of leaflets with false predictions of Nostradamus about the triumph of the Third Reich, the Nazis are scattered over France.

But there were prophecies that really deserve attention. For example, the Bible carries a lot of encrypted information about the future.
— In the Book of Revelation says: "And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers and on the springs of water — quoted by our source. — The name of the star is "Wormwood" and the third part of the waters became wormwood, and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter. " Chernobyl translated from Ukrainian is wormwood.

Revolution foretold the Virgin Mary
An even more interesting thing happened in 1917. Residents of the village of Fatima (Portugal) on the 13th of each month beginning from the Virgin Mary in bright clothes. When rumors of her visits spread widely enough, October 13, 1917 in a field near Fatima gathered a crowd of thousands, even the Pope arrived. All the participants clearly saw the object appeared in the sky, from the descriptions similar to the classic flying saucer. He came from a high fever: Men's clothing, drenched by incessant rain in a matter of minutes dry. For children and dad came Mary and presented a note. Its content is not known, but witnesses say that after reading written, Dad fainted.
— According to leaked rumors, the note told of the imminent revolution in Russia, and that it will only be completed by the end of the century, — says Alexei Penza. — But check out is impossible to say, as the Vatican has not yet declassified the Fatima message.

Who called the republic of the USSR 15 goats
As Alex said, in the late 80's among the many frankly delusional predictions appeared and seemed unattainable. The death of the Soviet Union. At such a time I could not believe even the Americans. One of them was made famous western preacher of the "new information" moon, who called himself a god, "Before 1992, there will be the death of the Soviet Union, China, and the resurrection of Hitler." Of these three, only one prediction has come true: a few days before the onset of the 1992 Soviet Union really disappeared from the political map of the world. About Hitler did not yet heard, although applicants for this role abound. China resisted, but the events of the crackdown on students in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, the Chinese Communists have spoiled nerves.
On the collapse of the Soviet Union and wrote Nostradamus. In the early 90s we had a popular his prophecy about the origin of the new Babylon.
— It said that "the offspring soaked abominations of the first offering, will last 73, 7 months", — says Alex Penza. — In 1991, the election of the first president of Russia, who put an end to the Soviet superpower. They were just over 73, 7 months after the start of the October Revolution. Then even a version that the democratic parties specially brought Boris Yeltsin's election under this date.
In the prediction of Nostradamus was another phrase: "Fifteen goats evil stare at each other from the caves." It was interpreted as a prophecy of the 15 Soviet republics.

Clairvoyant Vanga sank "Kursk"
At the beginning of 1999 on the Central TV broadcast was shown on the Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga predictions for 1999 and 2000. Among other things at Vanga was this: "At the end of the century, Kursk will be underwater, and the whole world will mourn him." In what year is it does not say it, but last month called for sure — August. Then, many have decided that it is about the city of Kursk, and the old lady very sbrendil. But in August of 2000, it became clear what was discussed.
Here are some predictions come true Vanga. In January 1968, she announced: "Prague will soon turn into an aquarium, which would be crazy to catch a fish." It was in August, followed by the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. April 12, 1996 the first in an interview with the newspaper "New Russian Word", published in New York, Wang said that the second coming of the Russian Communists and the president does not threaten Russia will once again be elected Boris Yeltsin.

Rasputin knew the fate of the royal family
— The fate of Russia — this is perhaps the most topical issue for us — says Penza. — At the beginning of XX century, Grigory Rasputin described in detail his death and the subsequent events that followed, including the execution of the royal family. He predicted that after the new government will be mountains of corpses, and the "water in the Neva stained with their blood." Through the "three moons and 25 years", that is, in 1942, Rasputin predicted the "death hovering in the sky." Indeed, whereas the blockade of Leningrad was subjected to massive bombings. In 1912, in his book "The pious reflection", he described the future of Russia: "People are going to crash. The most inept cart and will rule in Russia, and France, and Italy … Mankind will be crushed tread fools and scoundrels. Wisdom zakuyut in the chain … Most of the people believe in the powers that be, but lose faith in God … God's punishment will be soon, but it is terrible. Then finally the wisdom will be freed from the chains, and the man again fully trust in God … Under the sign of Taurus will be Western Europe, and under the sign of the Eagle would be the Holy Russia. "
Well-known words of Gregory Rasputin, said his wife of Nicholas II: «As long as I'm alive, you do not happen. I will not — and you will not. "


Now we await the third world?
— On the global catastrophes wrote almost all the prophets and diviners — continued Alex Penza — but all of them if they come true, then only partially. Thus, according to the medieval prophet Nero, the third world war is to begin at the end of 2001, the carnage will continue or 3 days or 3 weeks, or 3 months. And he described the cataclysmic end of the XX century: "Over the East is seen terrible cloud. Initially, two poisonous mushroom will rise above the two cities. Total of mushrooms will be seven. " Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been, however, not the end, but in the middle of the century. Then, according to Nero, China will strike Japan. Hotbeds of war will also be the Balkans, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. And after the extraterrestrials will destroy those countries that use weapons of mass destruction. But World War II, in the sight of Nero, would not the finale of mankind, and a prelude to the new stories.
According to this prophecy, the act of the conflict to come soon. But we hope it is true of the exhausted.


By the way
Lincoln saw his own funeral
Wonders of the prophecy of different people often occurred in the history of mankind.

  • So, Kalpunii, the wife of Julius Caesar, on the eve of the fateful meeting of the senate had a dream that she hugs a bloody husband. The next morning she asked Caesar to postpone the meeting, but he did not listen and was stabbed by conspirators.

  • In 1805, Russian General Alexei Yermolov predicted that the war with France will start in 1812 and he died April 12, 1861. It happened this way.
    British Prime Minister Spencer Percival once dreamed that he shoots a man in a jacket with metal buttons. A few days later he was shot by one John Bellingham, dressed as a man out of sleep.

  • American President Abraham Lincoln more than once dreamed of a hearse, surrounded by guard, and people with mournful faces, gathered in the White House. He heard them whispering, "the President was killed." Lincoln was assassinated at the theater in 1865.

  • In 1898, the English writer Morgan Robertson wrote a novel, "Futility", where he spoke about the huge transatlantic unsinkable ship "Titan", who in his first voyage came across an iceberg and sank. The novel hits the proximity of some of the details in the description of the true story of the "Titanic." The team of "Titan" numbered 3,000, the "Titanic" — 2270. Boats on the "Titan" was 24 at the "Titanic" — 25. The length of "Titan" was 800 feet, the "Titanic" — 822. Speed in a collision with an iceberg in the novel Robertson 25 knots, the "Titanic" — 26, etc. After the 1912 sinking "Titanic", the author of "futility" has repeatedly stated that he would prefer to err in their predictions.

  • In the film "Stalker" film director Andrei Tarkovsky delayed frame on a piece of drowned calendar with the date of December 29. He died on this day in 1986.


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