Prospects for investment in Kharkov Village of the Future

Kharkov investment project "Village of the Future" as part of the national project "Revival of cattle" is entering the home straight.

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The emphasis — on modern technology and breeds of cattle

The Deputy Head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Yuriy Sapronov.

It is known that in the framework of the project, leading the countdown to 2010, the year is expected to create a modern breeding and genetic center, growing vegetables in greenhouses and in the open field, the construction of vegetable stores and dairy farms.

In November 2012 the project "Village of the Future" supported the Cabinet. According to his decree, in this project from 2013 to 2016 is planned to attract 1 billion 146.8 million hryvnia investment. Of these, the state must allocate (2013 to 2022) 780.3 million hryvnia. It is assumed a $ 143 million investment. One of the investors’ Village "will be the agricultural holding Harmelia, created an international investment company SigmaBleyzer.

"Preparation of the project actually is in the final stage — said in an interview Time Vice-President Valery SigmaBleyzer Dema. — For the "Village of the Future" is preparing a consortium of investors — Harmelia, as well as Israeli and Canadian firms. While not all the final decisions taken and signed documents, the participants can still expand. The project is big — this scale in the agricultural sector of Ukraine was not yet. From investors move there. From the state also is. Maybe not as fast as we would like, but, clearly, the movement is. The reason is clear — that election, the budget, the formation of the Cabinet. But the project has been approved at all levels. "

According to him, the agricultural holding Harmelia operates in seven districts of the Kharkiv region — Novovodolazhskoye, Valkovsky, Zachepilovskom, Pervomay, Barvenkovsky, Balakleysky and Velikoburlukskom.

"We started with basically the crop. Now started to switch to animal husbandry. The first set was built in the fall in Barvenkovsky area. We would like for two to three years to bring it up to thousands of head of livestock. The emphasis is on modern technology, the modern breed of cattle ", — said V. Dema.

When asked about the risks of investing in Ukraine V. Dema said: "The risk? It is known that money likes silence. A silence Ukraine, really, can not boast. However … There are different types of investors. Among them there are those who prefer to invest in securities. They look at their current yield, rating. When the rumors about the problems start to panic and scatter. And thus create a negative environment for strategic investors who invest in the industry, the large business sector. And do not make these investments for the year, and the top five — thirty years. For such investors Ukraine is very attractive. Because strategic — we include ourselves in this category — the business continues to invest in Ukraine. The main thing — there were predictable, fixed and stable rules. Notice I did not say — good or bad rules. "

According to him, it is necessary to understand the logic of the process, to see the future more than a year or two or three. And the fund SigmaBleyzer sees huge potential in Ukraine.

On the question of relations with the authorities V. Dema said: "Business is best when it is not entered into power. We adhere to the absolute political neutrality. We worked with the president, but did not work with the presidents. We are not white, not red, not orange, not purple. Kravchuk when first started. Kuchma and Yanukovych were the rules. Was clearly built vertical power flow diagram of a decision, their economic mechanism. I do not discuss now, they were bad or good. But at least it was possible to calculate a plan to fix any liability. There are things that an investor should do. There are things that should make the state. If we agree and move to expect that the government will be responsible for its obligations. Then anything can happen. Another thing, when disintegrated management model. When the rules change with each change of the Minister, the Cabinet and something else. Many of the system then the company really have no idea what’s going on. Their leaders such as met with the president of something with him agreed. But when these arrangements began to descend the hierarchy down to the artist, they are either blocked or garbled, or changed. And none of the performers do not care how it was decided to "top". Now there are fewer problems. "

V. Dema also believes that in business you have to always remain optimistic.

"When they say that somewhere bad, it already has a political component. In Ukraine, a poor investment climate? It is a matter of management skills. Many people do not fully understand how huge energy pulses in the financial system. And not only money, but also mental. Here, various analysts, experts and commentators like you have to be extremely careful. Often, any amateur can show off in front of the camera, without realizing it, to generate massive negative process. This is the case when the word financially. For example, we woke October 20, 2008 — Street crisis. The day before we went to bed — everything was normal. And in the morning — for you. What has changed on October 20, compared with 19? Just on that day a few "recognized experts" and six rating agencies who earn on the news (as bad as well as good ones), have announced that we have a crisis. And the frightened people rushed to withdraw money from banks, etc. And do not be sung on that day this song in CNN at 8 am, perhaps, not the crisis began on October 20th and 30th. And it is not 2008 and 2016. And maybe, and would not start. And would have resolved the problem. No need to exacerbate the difficulties. We must talk less and work more. And success will come "- summed B. Dema.

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