Prospects for the creation of a new long-range bomber (PAK DA).


In August 2009 between the Russian Defense Ministry and the company "Tupolev" signed a contract to conduct research and development of the PAK DA (This year we signed the contract for the work, while in terms of research and development, the promising aviation complex long-range aviation. This brand new aircraft, which will be based on the latest solutions, "- said the agency interlocutor CEO Igor Shevchuk).

Create a promising aviation complex long-range aviation (PAK DA) is necessary for the formation of a completely new image of the Air Forces of Russia, as well as technological breakthroughs in the military-industrial complex of the country, according to military experts interviewed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday at a meeting of the state defense order to begin, the development of modern long-range bombers. The Head of State noted that, if the time to this work will not be started, "it is possible to lose time."

Withbuilding long-range bomber is dictated by the time the director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies itehnology Ruslan Pukhov. "It is clear that the Americans are doing the same plane, on the basis of future military challenges. This is despite the fact that they are now in a difficult financial situation and are forced to cut the military budget. Here is something to think about," — said Pukhov.

According to him, in addition to the military component in the creation of a new strategic bomber, there is the industrial need. "The creation of such a complex machine — this is a step towards a new technological breakthrough, and the availability of financial capacity and political will to do it," — said the expert.

Chief editor of "National Defense" Igor Korotchenko believes that the development of the fifth-generation strategic bomber will be taken into account the development of air defense systems abroad.

"Today, any weapon system is multifunctional, so the PAK DA is likely to be designed not only to address the strategic, but also for common tasks. Example, to attack, to combat patrol, as a carrier air-based cruise missiles with nuclear warheads" — Korochenko said.

The expert believes that the creation of a strategic bomber will be a costly project. "Only on the design of the aircraft will leave tens of billions of rubles. But this is the price we have to pay, if Russia has ambitions on the world stage, and the country wants to protect itself from foreign military pressure" — said Korochenko.

However, he noted that the strategic bombers are not sold abroad. "This is the system, which comes exclusively to the national armed forces," — he said. According Korochenko, for about 10 years may well be achieved task of creating a look of the bomber, and subsequently funded possible to run the serial construction of several instances of flight and flight testing of the machine. However, a series of likely be rather limited. Probably the mass production will not exceed 30-40 aircraft.

According to him, the more accurate figure should determine the general staff, which is responsible for a comprehensive assessment of risks and the development of the strategic nuclear forces of Russia. 

By the design of the aircraft designers have started a few years ago. It is known that a promising carrier of nuclear weapons will keep the ideology inherent in the missile — Tu-160 "White Swan", but it will be different from even the appearance. Other details of the developers of the new machine, for obvious reasons, do not open. They can be judged only on short utterances of the military. For example, long-range aviation commander Anatoly Zhiharev said that the aircraft will be able to get in the air with different types of airfields, use short or even unpaved runways. Furthermore, the future strategic bomber want to make universal — that it applied not only nuclear but also conventional high-precision weapons.

Other mandatory requirements for the car — its ability to overcome air defense systems to operate on land and sea theaters of war, in any weather and climatic conditions. According to Zhikhareva in the production of the aircraft will be widely used "stealth" technology. That is, it is about creating unobtrusive to radar machine with a brand new sighting and navigation system, communications, reconnaissance, and electronic warfare. Why does the military insist on such flight and combat characteristics of the "strategist"? The fact that the Defense Ministry is now in dire need of nuclear weapons in the vehicle, which is able to climb into the sky with a small airfield and deliver its dangerous cargo to any destination in the world. Destroy the first strike bomber, scattered across dozens of minor Russian airports, the enemy will not work. And that means that we get advance strategic superiority.

According to some reports, the new aircraft will be created with the use of so-called plasma tehnologiy.Na it can set two motor installation: liquid-jet and ramjet. The first engine is needed for acceleration and a plasma cloud around the airframe. When it occurs on the machine will hypersonic speed in 4000-5000 meters per second. Experts say that the use of a dual propulsion system just provide an opportunity bomber taking off from any airfield and fly to any part of the globe. And plasma cloud surrounded the car impervious to radar schitom.Pervy takeoff aircraft may take place in 6-7 years. And the adoption of long-range bomber aircraft into service is not expected before 2025.

Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov did not rule out that the new strategic car for the Air Force will gather in Kazan. There, as we know, are going to build a modern aircraft factory. This was during a visit to the capital of Tatarstan Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said.

With material used in the text: Yuri Gavrilov , Sergei Ptichkin, as well as materyal RIA Novosti reported.

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