Protasov began searching the golden mean

Short spring vacation "Rostov" has completed one of the first. However, initially the Rostov club and planned to do to begin preparing for the main part of the championship before everyone else, May 28, but then the date was pushed to four days.

— The guys got these days as a sort of prize after a successful match in Samara, — explained the head coach Oleg Protasov. — They asked for a little extended vacation, and we went to meet them. Preparation will not suffer: but we have reduced the number of days off in the middle of the month between Rostov and the Austrian taxes.

At the first training session took 22 players. Of the rest of the reason for missing the most pleasant in Rostov was with the North Korean Hong Yong-Jo: he went to the World Cup. In the national team until Amel’chenko and Belarusian, who is due to arrive in Rostov in the coming days. Kalachev continues to recover from a serious injury — next week he will fly on the next course of rehabilitation in Germany. Akhmetovich which there immediately after the last spring tour was operated for inguinal rings, start training tomorrow for an individual program. Soon to start the course and Proshin. Among the large group of advocates, retired in May because of various injuries, out of the game until Grigalava, who will be back to the Austrian collection.

— The first training session will be partly retracted, but it will not be long swing: holiday was small — Protasov said. — Ideally, we would like to spend on the Rostov preparation stage two test match — it will depend on the capabilities of our potential sparring partners. We will work to correct deficiencies identified in the spring games.

— How would you now, after a pause, assess the outcome of the first 11 rounds?

— For me it was the period of the study team, adapting to each other: some things can be learned only in the course of the championship. Their rightful place, but played very smoothly. The reasons are mainly psychological in nature: it is impossible to divide the important matches and minor, to any need to go as the last battle. In the game plan, our model compared to last year has changed: we have tried to shift the focus from defense to constructive action themselves to play the game, and not to act on an opponent. Something in this plan succeeded, but at the same time we are a little lost in the organization to protect and paid for it conceded goals and missed points. We will try to find a middle ground — perhaps something in the game will have to be simplified.

Weaned in the second half of May from visiting fans first training session after a pause attention not indulged — gathered around the field is not more than a dozen spectators, whereas usually the workouts "Rostov" followed about fifty pairs of eyes. Yesterday, however, and the look was not much to it: more than half of the ninety minute sessions held in different kinds of jogging around the field. Before the players got a score in the second part of the exercise, which ended two-way game on a small area of the field.

From today, classes will be double entry — the rhythm of the next ten days will be a little different from the usual foreign fees. On Sunday, June 13, is scheduled one day off before flying to Austria, where the 15th will begin following a two-week camp.

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