Protasov confirmed the license PRO

Leading experts from Ukraine for two days were held in the capital of the licensing procedure for the confirmation of FFU PRO-League diplomas.

Ukrainian coaches who have received the highest category of coaching in 2006, four years were required to undergo a kind of refresher courses in order to extend the license terms.

As a result, received confirmation of its PRO-diplomas: Oleg Blokhin and Andriy Bal, Semen Altman, Ivan Balan, Leonid Buryak, Vladimir Gorily, Vyacheslav Grozny, Anatoly Demyanenko Zavarov Alexander, Alexander Ishchenko, Vitaly Kvartsyany, Anatoly Kon’kov, Nikolay Kostov, Peter Kushlyk, Gennadi Litovchenko, Oleg Luzhny, Alex Mickle, Oleg Protasov, Alexander Sevidov, Alexandru Spiridon, Vadim Tishchenko, Michael Fomenko, Pavel Yakovenko.

Sessions with the coaching elite of Ukraine carried out well-known experts headed by Oleg Bazylevych.

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