Protasov: Valikaev is ready to take the field

Head coach of "Rostov" Oleg Protasov spoke about personnel issues the team before the match of the 28th round of the Russian Championship with "Zenith".
"Fortunately, they are few. Still not well-hong, continues to be treated by Ivanov. But Valikaev is ready to play. But, most of all, from the very first minutes.
The appearance Pavlenko only in the second half, playing with the "Dynamo" was not related to his game status. In "Chicago" there is sufficient choice midfielders. And at Pavlenko for places in the midline claim Kalachev, Lebedenco, Prison. I’m still scratching their heads over which one of them to give preference in St. Petersburg.
Am I ready to play against the "Zenith" two strikers? We constantly use the scheme with one striker, as Adam Akhmetovich players with roughly the same plan. Be at my disposal by such artists as Wagner Doumbia, perhaps, I would have built a different attack. But let’s be realists.
Our chance — maximum care, safety in the defense and finding success in the counterattack, "- said Protasov" Sport-Express ".

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