Protivokleschevoy costume Biostop: a new level of comfort

Season the most active mites occurs in the warm season of the year — from late spring to early autumn. Therefore, the requirements for comfort of protective clothing that covers the whole body, initially were very high — for suits "Biostop" was used exclusively thin yarn of long staple cotton fabric ensures good health indicators.

However, knowing how important it is to actively work or relax in the nature of people, and especially for the kids to summer clothing was as a "breathing", the specialists of JSC "FPG Energocontract" continued to work to increase this figure by the new versions of weaving. As a result, they chose the fabric with a complex structure similar to that used in the production of expensive clothes, including natural silk. Breathability of this fabric is 10 times the GOST requirements for summer products, and weight — nearly 2 times smaller than those used for the manufacture of traditional shtormovok — 210 g/m2 350-400 g/m2 against. It is important that the new material, becoming more subtle and soft, still provides protection from mosquito bites: insect proboscis can penetrate the weave.

Remained unchanged and the level of effectiveness of protection protivokleschevoy "Biostopa" — at the conclusion of Epidemiology he is 100%. Currently, this suit is the most reliable and safe for human remedy for all diseases spread by ticks. This is seen workers, energy, oil, transport and timber companies, and hundreds of tourists — for 3 years not one of them was not a single bite.

ZAO "FPG Energocontract" — a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative heat-resistant personal protective equipment. The company manufactures kits for protection against occupational hazards such as electric arc, static electricity, sparks and molten metal splashes, open flames, crude oil and petroleum products, as well as the bites of blood-sucking vectors of viruses.

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