Proton-PM performed the production plan for 2012

At the end of 2012 the total volume of production of "Proton-PM" amounted to 4 796.3 million, which is 11.3% higher than in 2011.

The production plan is made on all subjects:

  • production of RD-276 for carrier rockets "Proton-M" amounted to 3 795.6 million, which is 10.9% more than in 2011;
  • the volume of used components of a new generation engine RD-191 for advanced launch vehicles "Angara" — the share of production space applications in the product portfolio of "Proton-PM" was 80%;
  • production of parts and assembly units of the PS-90, gearboxes, testing starters in the field of Energy — organized the testing of gas turbines, assembly and testing of gas turbine power plants — the share of products and services for the PMK in the product portfolio of the company was 14%;
  • the volume of production for the military-industrial complex — parts turbocharger engine T-90 tank and anti-ship missile units "Mosquito" — reached 170.7 million rubles (share in the product portfolio of the company — 4%);

Proceeds from sales of "Proton-PM" in 2012 amounted to 5 102.7 million, net profit — 39.4 mln. Igor Arbuzov, director general of "Proton-PM" commented the results of 2012: "Today there is a stable order for the production of our core products — RD-276 engines for carrier rockets" Proton-M "and is comparable to the volume of public procurement in the Soviet Union . And this will continue at least until 2015. Moreover, in representation of the enterprise in the production of the RD-191 for boosters "Angara". Previously, we produced about 200 types of parts, but today there are more than two thousand — entire engine components and assemblies. As part of the project of reconstruction and modernization in 2012, we started the development of technologies needed for the successful development of a new range. These works are carried out with funds allocated by the Federal Program "Development of the military-industrial complex of Russia 2020" . In 2013, the amount of public funding of 350 million rubles.

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