Proton-PM (Perm Region) has launched a multi-adaptive test stand for testing gas turbines up to 40 MW

Today at the test site of "Proton-PM" was put into commercial operation of Russia’s first multi-adaptive test bench for gas turbines (GT) in the power range up to 40 MW.

  • Participants of the opening witnessed the launch of GTU:

Created stand enhance the ability of the enterprises of the Perm cooperation in gas turbine engineering tests of gas turbines ranging from 25 to 40 MW, which are currently in demand in the market and are available for new gas transmission facilities in the framework of the Russian and foreign contracts of OAO "Gazprom".

The project partners were involved in foreign and implemented unique technological solutions, ensuring universal stand (quickly adapt to new products) and its performance (bandwidth of the complex increased by 150 GT per year).

The main consumers of the tests are the Permian United Engine Corporation Company: OJSC "Perm Engine Company" and JSC "Aircraft Engine".

The project to create stand the test gas turbine capacity of 40 MW was supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation within the framework of the implementation of the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation on co-operative development of universities and industrial companies. During the construction of the object used intellectual potential of one of the leading technical universities in the Urals — Perm National Research Polytechnic University. The construction of the test stand is one of the anchor projects cluster "Technopolis" New Star "program for the development of which is included in the program of socio-economic development of the Perm region in 2012-2016., And entered the list of 25 pilot programs for the development of innovative regional clusters, as approved by the Government of the Russian Federation .

The development of unique competences for testing gas turbine will strengthen the industrial capacity and increase economic activity Kama, and brings a new level of cooperation of the historically established companies in the region to build gas turbines (gas compressor units and gas turbine power plants). Today it’s 30 companies of Perm region (including JSC "Proton-PM", OJSC "Perm Engine Company", JSC "Aircraft Engine", JSC "Gear-PM", JSC "NPO" Spark ", LLC" Iskra-Turbogaz ", JSC "Iskra-Energy", JSC "PZ" Mashinostroitel ", JSC" Iskra-Avigaz ", JSC" Star ", LLC" Privod "and others), which created about 25,000 highly skilled jobs. Annual shipments of commodities, cooperative enterprises in the Perm is 30 billion rubles.



For the record:

Open Joint Stock Company "Proton — Perm Motors" (the prime contractor of the project to build an adaptive multi-stand test gas turbine power up to 40 MW) — one of the leading Russian aerospace industry, specializing in the manufacture of liquid rocket engines RD-276 first-stage boosters heavy class "Proton-M". One of the strategic goals of "Proton-PM" is the diversification of production, in which the company manufactures products and provides services to the energy sector, such as: the production of components, assembly and testing of gas turbine power station (GTPS), a series of "Ural" with capacity of 2 , 5, 4, and 6 MW production of parts and assembly units, gas turbine assembly capacity of 16 and 25 MW, production and testing of components of gas turbine plants with a capacity of 10-25 MW.

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