Proton-PM will start in 2013 in Perm Production of parts for the engine Angara rocket

The manufacturer of rocket engines of "Proton-Perm Motors" ("Proton-PM") in 2013, will begin mass production of parts and assembly units oxygen-kerosene RD-191 engine, which is designed for a promising new class of launch vehicles (LV), "Angara ", said the company.


The customer is the leading developer and manufacturer of RD-191 "NPO Energomash them. Academician VP Glushko". The engine is designed for use in propulsion of the first and second stages of the developed FSUE "Khrunichev. Khrunichev" families looking clean boosters "Angara".


It is planned that by 2015, "Proton-PM" master the production of parts and assembly units of the RD-191, which constitutes at least 60% of the entire engine.


For the "Proton-PM" fixed manufacturing gas generator, fuel pump, booster pump unit oxidizer and fuel booster pump unit. The design capacity for additional investment in retrofitting of production allows the RD-191 in its entirety.


In 2011, as part of the development of the production units of the RD-191 at the company completed the development of the project of reconstruction and technical re-equipment for mass production units of the RD-191. "The project has passed the state examination, a positive conclusion of the FAA" Glavgosexpertiza Russia. "Project is included in the federal program, received public funds and work has begun on the project," — said in a statement.


Earlier it was reported that the first missile launches light and heavy classes are scheduled for 2013. "Angara" in the next decade will gradually replace the "Proton", including the commercial launch.


"Angara" — a promising space rocket complex with a family of launch vehicles light, medium and heavy classes. The new launch vehicle, used as fuel in an environmentally friendly components — kerosene and oxygen — it is planned to use for launching military spacecraft, as well as socio-economic and scientific purposes within the federal space program and joint international space programs. "Angara" can provide a lower compared to other boosters cost of removing the payload in a wide range of orbits.


Government customers identified the Ministry of Defense and the Federal Space Agency, the Khrunichev Center is the lead developer of the project, "Angara".


"Proton-PM" refers to the rocket and space industry Russia is acting in the industry since 1958 and is one of the main manufacturers of powerful liquid rocket engines (LRE) for Russian launch vehicles. The main shareholder of the Company is the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State Research and Production Space Center. Khrunichev" — the largest rocket and space corporation in the world.

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