Proton with two satellite goes into orbit

Rocket "Proton-M" with the Russian relay satellite "Luch-5A" and the Israeli communications satellite AMOS-5 was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. According to ITAR-TASS press secretary of the State Research and Production Space Center. Khrunichev Alexander Bobrenev, "launch rocket" Proton-M "with the upper stage" Breeze-M "and two companions made at 15:17 Moscow time."

The total duration of excretion from the start of the rocket to the separation of the spacecraft "Luch-5A" from the upper stage will be 8:00 54 minutes, for the AMOS-5 this figure will be 9:00 35 minutes. "

Relay satellite "Luch-5A" created in JSC "Information Satellite Systems" im.Reshetneva. Mass spacecraft — 950 kg. He will enter into a multifunctional space system relaying "Ray." The satellite is designed to relay information from low-flying spacecraft

Israeli communications satellite AMOS-5 was created in ASC im.Reshetneva for Israeli satellite operator company Spacecom. In geostationary orbit takes it a point 17 degrees. east longitude, which will allow it to cover the whole of Africa. Satellite mass — 1600 kg, the estimated lifetime — 15 years, the payload — 36 transponder C-and Ku-bands.

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