Prototyping center established at the University Dubna

The decision of the Academic Council of the University "Dubna" on September 27, 2013 created a new unit — the center of prototyping.

Prototyping Center— Engineering and production facility, specializing in the development of a complete scheme of production — from computer-aided design to prototyping functioning of electronic devices. Its capabilities will be used not only students, but also small businesses Dubna, including residents of the SEZ. This will allow them to significantly reduce the cost of production of prototypes of their own development. 

Center equipment received under the program to support small and medium-sized enterprises Dubna, so self-supporting activities will be one of its major destinations. The capacity of the center will be actively used in the educational process in laboratory and practical training for the students of the university.

The center will work in four directions.

The first3D-modeling.
To perform these operations with high accuracy purchased a high-quality 3D-printer. The secondPCB manufacturing and installation of components onto printed circuit boards. The center is home to a range of equipment that allows a tight schedule to produce ready-made electronic products as prototypes. The thirdarea of metrology and measurement technology, used to detect defects in mechanical parts, electronics debugging. Fourthdesign based on cloud computing center. To create a 3D-model on a computer circuit board or drawing of the calculations of the strength necessary to use expensive software. Center cloud technology provides for remote use must license the software on a rental basis powerful virtual machine.

Any small business Dubna can register for work in the center and use its features. This will significantly reduce the burden on small businesses making prototypes of their own development. In order to ensure transparency of operations carried out by prototyping center will be established in the form of a website online store, where any small company can in the on-line upload your own project and determine its approximate cost and lead time.

Currently, the center has already prototyping performs work for a number of residents of the special economic zone "Dubna" — of "Research and Production Complex" Daedalus ", a private entrepreneur Yegor Sapozhnikov (project« Quartech — Hardware »), as well as the company’s" Lumen ".

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