Provincial journalists exposed the secret technique

In the Kama a working visit to the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. He visited the production facilities of a number of companies — "Proton-PM", "Perm Engine Company", "Aviadvigatel" and "MZ". Among the main issues discussed conditions of public order placement.
Fire tests of rocket motor produced by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, the Russian government a strong impression. Landfill in New Lyady — base for the future Technopolis "New Star" — high-tech science city. A number of companies and institutions to pool resources on this site. In the framework of the federal target program "Development of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2020" enterprise "Proton-PM" is already preparing for mass production of components and assemblies of the RD-191 for future family of launch vehicles, "Angara". Dmitry Rogozin’s arrival in charge of industry, allowed to put on the agenda of the funding issues. Until 2014, the federal budget will go to the company in excess of one billion 350 million rubles.

GENERAL DESIGNER "MZ": Create a fundamentally new types of artillery weapons, which in their tactical and technical characteristics on the effectiveness of 2 — and 2.5 times higher than the domestic, and the best foreign models.
With the guidance of "MZ" Dmitry Rogozin discussed the company’s development strategy until 2015. A key focus will be the development and production of military equipment. The volume of its implementation within the state defense order and export contracts will be annually more than 10 billion rubles. But with the financing of the current activities of the company is experiencing difficulties. CEO "Motovilikha" Nicholas Buhvalov made a request for state guarantees in the amount of 500 million rubles for the reconstruction of the foundry. In addition, he proposed the creation on the basis of "MZ" Federal Centre of artillery technology.
Nicholas Buhvalov, Director General, OAO "MZ": The factory set up its own technology center in its active development of unique new technologies in the field artillery. In fact it is the real basis of the federal government artillery technology, which today is at stake.
The idea of the Permian defense industry was supported by the Deputy Prime Minister. It has always been the defense zastrelschitsey in the development of new technologies. Dmitry Rogozin also met with prospective plans "Aviadvigatel" and "Perm Engine Company".
Already a great role Perm Motor Plant in creating an engine fifth-generation PD-14. Perm engine builders produce most of the components and assemblies. In the future, it is planned that by PMZ will produce nearly all of the gas generator, to lead the overall assembly and testing. And also responsible for the repair and maintenance of the engine to operate.
Besides changing the lineup — the transition to production of PD-14 and the gas turbine engine on the basis of this, the company plans to significantly increase production. To do this, engine builders need guarantees a stable state order. Enterprises that have visited, Dmitry Rogozin called a major support for the plans that are developed in the framework of the state armament program. This means that the company in turn, will not remain without state.
Dmitry Rogozin, DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION: We are going to make the main state customer in the face of the Ministry of Defence could not only give contracts to 5.7 years ahead, but in many ways to advance the work.

In the Kama deputy chairman of the Russian government came at the invitation of Governor Viktor Basargin. The head of the region emphasized that in the future will be used to support all the features of the Permian industry.
Victor BASARGIN, Governor of Perm Region: All companies have shown everything associated with modernization, the future development of, well, of course, made proposals for state support. In the near future — agreed to be prepared to order. And somewhere in August once again see how to implement all the agreements on a number of projects

Gur Khan: Meanwhile, as aptly observed known independent military expert Victor Murakhovski "uncomplicated provincial journalists lit up in his video about the visit to Perm MIC chairman, Dmitry Rogozin, a lot of interesting models of promising models of armored vehicles and artillery. As viewers saw?
120-mm self-propelled mortar on a platform of "Boomerang"
57-mm weapon station on a platform of "Boomerang"
57-mm weapon station on the platform "Kurganets-25"
125-mm self-propelled guns on a platform of "Kurganets-25"
152-mm self-propelled guns on a car platform
152-mm self-propelled guns, track platform
152-mm naval gun mount
The main tank on a platform of "Armata"

 Said Viktor Ivanovich want only very little to clarify: the frame is not all the same machine with 57mm cannon, and with the latest 45mm automatic gun with telescopic ammunition. The same module will not only stand on platforms "Kurgan" and "Boomerang" but also to "Armata" in the form of heavy infantry fighting vehicles.

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