Provision of weapons and equipment CBR defense in the SMF will perform tasks up to 2015

Given the importance of the tasks to provide alerting and nuclear safety a major concern on the issue of radiation, chemical and biological (NBC) protection in the Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) in 2012 was to obtain new weapons and equipment.

Thus, in accordance with the Plan of the State defense order for 2012 for military units and formations of the Strategic Missile Forces received 40 thousand detector tubes IT and IT-G1-2T for the determination of the components of rocket fuel. Created reserve indicator tubes work will help organize the components of rocket fuel before the end of 2015 In addition, military units and formations of the Strategic Missile Forces received more than 200 new (prospective) radiation detection devices and chemical detection, such as radiation detection devices IMD-2C, radiation survey instruments IMD-2nm and devices for the determination of toxic substances GSA-4. Completed delivery of the Strategic Missile Force 19 thousand rounds of regenerative self-contained breathing apparatus. Received weapons and the means CBR defense allow for control centers, places of service of daily duty and CBR defense units in the SMF in full, and to ensure that supply meets the demand of regenerative rounds of military units and these funds until 2015 GV SRF NBC defense is organized and implemented to weaken the impact of factors affecting the unit and weapons of mass destruction, destruction (accidents) radiation, chemically and biologically hazardous objects, and other high-precision weapons.

Currently, the state departments CBR defense SRF provides timely execution of tasks when casting formations and military units on alert and readiness to perform the main tasks for the full special treatment missile regiments and units (units) and provide protection.

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