Provocation at the Manege. Let’s deal

December 11, 2010 there were riots on Manezh Square, caused by the murder of Spartak fans. After that, the social networks and via SMS appeals to different people come to gather at the Kiev station (at the SEC European).
Moreover, the calls to come and "defend" or "revenge" came as Caucasians, and to the Russian one and the same channels: through social networks and through SMS.

As a result, the Kiev railway station there is something rather odd. Summarizing the available information we get some kind of gross provocation. With that today hardly agree not all. But here’s the customer provocation in different sources is called different. In any case, this is not the Caucasians and Russian, which were intended by shlestnutsya provocateurs.

The main — as if specially for show exposed — actor provocation is one Levon Arzumanyan. Here he clearly poses in front of the cameras

In the article from the site «The Kremlin on Manezh provocateurs and the Kiev — December 2010" as clear as two plus two = four, we prove that it is Putin’s plan and the company wants at all costs to stay in power. The article is really emotional, but the surface

The main argument — the identity of Levon Arzumanyan. Which seems to be one of the prominent activists of the movement "Nashi", the pictures it appears that the rally on Moscow’s Manezh, already at the Kiev near the head of the Department of Information and Public Relations of the Moscow police, Viktor Biryukov
Photos and Video

If you watch the video, it just goes Arzumanyan next to the Colonel, with smiles and looks worried. As well, he smiles and then, raising his hand to reporters in a Nazi salute.

Although it is rather a smirk, not a smile. But it does not matter. It is evident that this is not a heartbroken fan of Spartacus, and not concerned about the fate of Russian nationalist. Actually, it’s more like a student who got the money and wins back his role, especially without worrying about facial expressions. Plays not natural, so to speak.
He began to look for information on the site "our" and come across an article entitled "Bloggers again found the wrong", which states that it is not Levochka Arzumanyan head offices of the Movement "OUR" in Tambov Nikolai Makarov. And invited to compare photo, which, by the way, they are very similar.
But the article about the "Kremlin provocateurs" and did not call the Nikolai Makarov. Probably, this was the first splash revealing: "They found a provocateur: the leader of the Tambov Nashi Nikolai Makarov" It is necessary to look for — and certainly wrote. But it turned out that just like (random right?) And then it turns out that Levon Arzumanyan, is was at Seliger 2008, and even then if embraced by some photos with members of the Sochi branch of "our", or participated in it.
How about this wrote on his blog Christina Patupchyk (spokesperson of the movement "Nashi"), "Do not" Our "Arzumanyan"

Obviously, the situation with the agent provocateur Arzumanyan needs a certain additional comments because at the moment the public void sumnyashesya draws it almost protagonist of the movement "Nashi". These statements are based on photographs of the city of Sochi 2008, where Arzumanyan happily hugging a few people calling themselves "the Sochi branch of" Ours. " Another reason was the participation Arzumanyan in the forum "Seliger-2008". All this is seen as a weak-eyed bloggers obvious arguments in favor of what is now the man — Chief Commissioner of all the Commissioners.

First, it is not. Think of it as an official denial. Secondly, the construction of such a conclusion seems to me logically flawed. "Levochka" was at Seliger. Ok, but at Seliger, besides it was visited during the years of its implementation, more than 50,000 young people. Each of them is now tied with the movement "Nashi" unbreakable umbilical cord?
Or photograph the Sochi "our," I have to be honest, and in the face-I do not know. News from Sochi on our website does not appear for about two years. And they were created at a time when a man was enough to call into a central headquarters and say that he wants to open a branch office traffic, and then we formally was adding branch. The office in Sochi was, it was even conducted some activities, but it samoannigilirovalos more than a year ago, which, I believe, will confirm any of the group of "Sochi our" vkontakte. Then it is more logical to say that Arzumanyan — the famous LDPRovets, it is no less dispersed over a network photograph of him with a clink Zhirinovsky.

Indeed, there is a photo where this lively mole people. Checa to Zhirinovsky. "Our urchin everywhere ripe"
For clarity, it should make here and answer Colonel Viktor Biryukov, who, after the photo session with Lyova had not sweet. How many have read "Bitch Biryukov, led by provocateurs Manezhku." So that’s what he writes culprit:

"As told to" NG "Biryukov himself, he showed it to. He does not deny that the photo shows he (Biryukov), but on its own promotion of this fact finds absurd: "How did I know he was an agent provocateur or not? I took him for a blogger, one of dozens that were there with me. He conducted himself well, his behavior did not differ from the behavior of bloggers and journalists. "" Nezavisimaya Gazeta

So, we see the following interesting picture. The fellow who, it seems not at all mate, actively participates in the December events. If you believe the bloggers, we first see him in the photo on Manezh Square

the right of the man in the mask is looking at her phone.
Then he comes to the Kiev station. And it seems that your operator, who directed the movie vyshepredstavlenny, trying to Levochka constantly appears in the frame. Although somehow, he found himself in the frame, as in the center of journalistic attention was Biryukov.
Then the same frame is in front of reporters waiting for something "ordinary" and yes it hot under the command "Ziguy Levochka" raises his arm in the Nazi salute. Now all the TV channels in Russia and in the West show that the riots are participating in "Nazi-Fascists."
A little later, the same type (that others will not find it here?) Derive from the crowd as the already battered Caucasian (it is based on the Caucasian and OMON)

At the same time his face again, bad acting.
One person has played three roles: fan, Nazi beaten Caucasian. Not much is role?
And no, I forgot there was also another role — the role of party movement "Nashi", and proximity to the Interior Ministry. For this, as we have seen, it was enough with a crowd of journalists and bloggers to approach a person gives interviews and go with him, along with others such as journalists and bloggers a few steps.

Now, who would think this show could be beneficial. Shortly.

Kremlin. Putin orders a provocation at the Kiev station and instructs the colonel in charge of communication with journalists to bring a provocateur (and one of the participants in the pro-Kremlin movement "Nashi") that he "zigoval" to reporters. What for? Probably to bloggers realized that the Kremlin gave the provocation. Meaning zero. But many people like to think so. After all, to paraphrase a famous saying since the end of the Soviet of the USSR: "If there is no water in the tap — blame Putin"

But if the Kremlin is not, then who? The answer to find out that in fact the Kremlin. Just they’re all idiots who want civil war on a national basis. It is not only stupid, but also by the Germans. Just so colonel leads the "", that he "zigoval" on camera.

Kill me, I can not add a picture to the "Nashi" and the Kremlin provocation.
But a different picture develops.
There is a certain enemy of Russia, who wishes to:
1) of the Civil War on a national basis (after all, the Byzantine Empire collapsed when its citizens no longer feel themselves Orthodox, and began to feel especially Greeks)
2) Wanting to show that Russia Russian nationalism = Fascism
3) Willing to discredit the Kremlin and Kremlin youth movement "Nashi"

And Levochka fan-fascist Nashi victim fit into this picture. Another thing is that it could use a face-down, making up a plausible excuse for this performance, or to give money and trite script. "Zatesheshsya closer to Biryukov, then" poziguesh "on the camera, and then falls down and you lead out and get lost in the crowd."

Now, as long as the student of Moscow State University, who naively did not hesitate to spread the pictures and even pictures of detention in a social network is not lost (in the general sense was gone — forever), otherwise, this adventure will continue to only grow into myths and speculation.

PS In Moscow a year takes more than a thousand murders (link), and among them, inevitably there are crimes committed by citizens of different nationalities. If desired, any of such tragedy can not arrange a scandal, and, as the second in December 2010, and to provoke inter-ethnic clashes.
Subject opportunities rezhessirovaniya revolutions using information technology requires a separate in Encyclopedia.

Methodius. 21.12.2010

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