Prrrrrozdravlyayu Happy!

Art — a subtle thing, and each has its own strings. I venture to congratulate the readers of the site and would be happy if someone, somewhere, spots … like it.

Rock tolerate hate, especially heavy :)
Therefore surprising to me that there is a talent (singing along the way in the church choir!) with sand in her voice and the amazing power.
Clip threaded famous actors and aircraft.
Olga Kormuhina.

For guitar lovers will say that in this clip, just two guitars and bells at the beginning, and not the combined orchestra.

Clip politicized and denied due to frequent use of obscene
the word "Russian"
But the great talent and flawless execution may not have the paint Nazism.
Not everyone is lucky enough to sing a song to the executor level ANTHEM
This is a rare case:
Jeanne Bichevskaya

Well, an easy clip, but well suited topics (the quality is not very much)
By the Olympics radosnym catchy thing for fans
Group Russian with Russian song :) Go

Gennadi Bogdanov

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