PS-90A2 Permian KB water were tested under the wing of the Tu-204SM


In October, successfully completed testing of the airplane Tu-204SM (№ 64151) within the framework of special certification test aircraft Tu-204SM with PS-90A2 on modes taxiing, take-off and landing on a wet runway and flooded with water. Prior to that, the airliner has been tested by frost in Yakutsk and the heat in the United Arab Emirates.

The tests were conducted in a special pool established at the airport LII. Gromov (Zhukovsky). Before testers stood objectives: to determine the take-off and landing characteristics of the Tu-204SM on a wet runway and drenched with water, to determine the characteristics of stability and controllability of the aircraft under specified conditions, and to evaluate the performance of engines, auxiliary power and other aircraft systems.

The conducted tests suggested the occurrence of water jets, caused by the interaction of the chassis with the water on the runway. It was necessary to track the trajectory of the water, the possibility of moisture entering the engine and APU, evaluate their options. And engines controlled by on-board equipment ASK-90 and the control PCNL-90A2, the results of runs recorded video cameras both outside and from the aircraft. In trials attended by specialists of "Tupolev" LII. MM Gromov Institute of Civil Aviation, JSC "Aircraft Engine", OJSC "Perm Engine Company".

Total Tu-204SM performed eight runs on a wet and covered with a layer of water runway and showed transcripts results in all parameters. PS-90A2 showed stable operation under specified conditions. Now comes the processing and analysis of data for further certification of the aircraft. In the near future liner final test will take place in a real rain.

According to the chief designer of the Tu-204SM Oleg Alasheeva, currently on a Tu-204SM started ground tests on failsafe. "This is one of the key stages of the certification test, which is conducted for a comprehensive inspection and objective evaluation of the performance characteristics of the aircraft for various combinations of systems, components, units," — said the chief designer of the aircraft.

Total Tu-204SM with PS-90A2 performed 285 flights in the certification tests.

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