Pskov region, new business development group of companies ‘technology metals’

The group of companies "Metal Technology" combines the activity of several subsidiaries of the the production and sale of industrial equipment, cable and electrical products. It consists of a number of industrial enterprises, "Pskov Cable Plant", "Pskovgeokabel", "Pskovelectrosvar" plant "Tochlit", "GISpribor — M".

May 23 at the production sites of the group of companies "Metal Technology" visited the governor of the Pskov Region Andrei Turchak. Conducted a tour of the production group president "Metal Technology" Boris Fedyuk.

Head of the region showed a unique car double run with the equipment for welding rails. This machine is designed on the basis of the plant "Pskovelectrosvar" analogues in Russia has not. In late May, the only prototype will be tested in JSC "Russian Railways", and then will be sent to the certification.

Until the end, the invention will be piloted in the October Railway. The platform allows the car to travel on rails, and on solid ground. The machine will quickly repair the railroad tracks and carry out welding work without interrupting your train schedule.

Andrew also Turchak presented and the new development of the plant — a machine for welding large diameter pipes for gas pipelines, which allows for butt welding.

Technology, assured the leaders of the plant, "unique not only for Russia, but throughout the world." At the junction of pipes metal quality is not lost, there are no additional impurities. Now pipe, welded by this technology, already being tested.

During a visit to JSC «Pskovkabel" CEO Vladimir Kushnir demonstrated delegation implemented in 2013, the project — gas-fired installation that will enable the company to move to the autonomous generation of electricity and heat for their own needs.

Next was presented a production capacity of enterprises, with particular attention was paid to the new equipment, in particular, to the twisting machine ICC, located at the point of installation. By the way, this machine is made by enterprises of the holding company — LLC "Pskovgeokabel" and ZAO "Pskovelectrosvar" that will allow the company to increase production capacity for power cables of about 30% and thus strengthen its position in the market.

In addition, the leaders of the area met with the plans for the modernization of production plants "Pskov Cable Plant" and "Pskovgeokabel." The President of the Civil Code "technology metals" Boris Fedyuk and vice-president Sergei Drobzhev told the governor about the strategic development plans of holding outlined the main directions of innovation.

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