Pskov Troopers: Memory and Honor

Winged infantry came out of the fire …

Sorry, Sixth Company, Russia and me.

The dead immortal, You have become reality

In the battle of Ulus-Kert, as in the Battle of Moscow.

Farewell, Sixth Company, who retired in the century —

Heavenly Immortal Infantry Regiment.

Who in Russia today does not know about the feat 84 Pskov paratroopers that have taken February 29, 2000 on a two-thousand gang fighters? Battle of Ulus-Kert, which Airborne company more than a day without giving a single step, fought twenty times superior enemy (boys, many of whom are under twenty, were one-on-one with a heavily armed militants experienced, with a selective detachment " Dzhimara "), was no less a symbol of valor, a feat than twenty-eight Panfilov near Moscow.

Going up … the snow-capped heights between Ulus-Kert and Selmentauzenom, paratroopers of the 6th Company, led by battalion commander Lt. Col. Mark Evtyuhinym did not know that they were going to meet their names immortalized his last fight. And when the head patrol engaged the enemy with the first occurrence of the militants also still there were no signs of trouble. Understanding came later, when taking the defense at the height of 776, a company took a fight with the main forces of the militants.

Never an unprecedented Chechen forested mountains, where the tanks are not up and where all aviation grouping months can drive one gang’s probably hard to understand why dying company. In winter 2000 and have gone to the mountain fighters had one advantage: the army surrounded them, sharing in the company, it was necessary to be everywhere, thugs just bursting out of the encirclement, all together could pounce on any one company. That was in January at Duba-Yurt, where heroically fought in the infantry tank crews of the 160th Regiment, and in March under the Komsomol, which was an unequal battle company of the 58th Army. But the most dramatic battle for the whole of the second Chechnya took 6th paratroop company from Pskov.

Faced with a lot of fighters coming from everywhere, and in the first hours of the battle, having to understand how the forces are unequal, they still have time to back off. But there was nowhere to retreat — were just behind the rear troop. And then — naked Dagestan, where, as will become clear later, and the bandits rushed. Kill and burn everything in its path, and then take hundreds of hostages in order for the script Budenovskoe buy them in exchange for peace with Russia. How much trouble would have brought in Dagestan, these brutalized, cornered two thousand bandits, afraid even to imagine. But in their way stood paratroop company.

Then he talked a lot about the causes and perpetrators of the death of company. Reconcile all the time. And the main culprit of the death of company — the war. On the road rushing to the east, two thousand gang under the Khattab, in any case would have been some kind of company. Fate decreed that the main fight of the second Chechen war, fell to adopt the 6th company of the 2nd Battalion of the 104th Parachute Regiment of the 76th (Pskov) Airborne Division. And they are worthy to take this fight, multiplying the glory of the airborne infantry.

Incurring huge losses in the contact battle, usually tries to avoid direct clashes, the bandits continued desperately to storm height. Go around them paratroopers party understood Khattab and Basayev legless, which was carried on a stretcher at the already fallen morale of fighters will be dealt a mortal blow. But the battle with his company did not save them from the blow.

Troopers stood to death, but it was highly unequal battle. Fog did not allow aircraft to fly, the proximity of the enemy excluded from combat heavy artillery. Roth fought to the last. The last words of the battalion commander Evtyuhina were, "Call the fire itself!" When Marines run out of bullets, the battle turned into a melee in which the heroic death of two dozen was still capable of bearing arms Pskov paratroopers …



This fight is not just showed military prowess, he showed the highest landing brotherhood and love, when everyone sacrificed their lives, covering other comrades or taking out the wounded. The guys helped each other, unaware that implement Christ’s commandment to "love thy neighbor as thyself." Many, unable to know the love of earthly life, created true love. Divine. After all, "there is no greater love than this, than if a man lay down his life for his friends."

Terrible scene saw our paratroopers, who came in the morning to the battlefield. Battle-hardened elderly officers wept bitterly, introducing children to the battlefield.


It seems human, earthly understanding can not comprehend, drew strength from the spirit of these boys. But when you know the history of their short lives, it becomes clear that this force is and where she is.

It turns out that most of the guys — Cossack family, their ancestors served in the Cossack troops who are in the Don, who at the Kuban, who is in the Siberian. And the Cossacks have always been advocates of the Russian land.

Some before going to Chechnya was baptized by his father confessor Pskov division Oleg (Teora), rector of the church of Alexander Nevsky, whose name is the Pskov division. Many were not only baptized, but also deliberately strengthened in the faith. In Bryansk over the bed Lieutenant Oleg Ermakov hanging many crosses. "He collected them since childhood — says mum — although we have no one in the family was not religious."

Sasha Kobzev of Voronezh Region loved Carnival, pitch itself pancakes. Forgiveness Sunday was his favorite day. Before being sent to serve in the Pskov division, he attended the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, was shocked by what he saw there. With enthusiasm he wrote my mother took as a blessing from the very Sergius of Radonezh. Sasha was buried in his native village just on Forgiveness Sunday.


Sergei Vasiliev — blond, blue-eyed handsome man, with a broad smile, did not part with a guitar painted pictures, carved on a tree. Army was not quite as well when taken to the army, wrote on the fence "my choice — Airborne." He was buried near the grave of his great-grandfather, who was an officer in the Imperial Army.


Combat Mark Evtyuhin shortly before sending to Chechnya visited with his wife in the Pskov-Caves Monastery and was surprised to learn that one of the founders of caves was Mark. His relics Mark Evtyuhin asked a blessing on the feats of arms for himself and his soldiers. When a few people are still alive, commander Mark Evtyuhin caused the fire itself.


But the life of a senior lieutenant Alexei Vorobyov has quite an amazing story. Being from a family of Cossacks, he spent his childhood in a Siberian village. Even in school different from their peers for their depth, romance, faith, love for Russia and its history. At age 14, he wrote in his diary: "I am proud that I — Russian Cossack. All of my ancestors, be that as it may, served as Russia, fought for the Faith, Tsar and Fatherland. I want to devote their lives to the motherland, as did my ancestors, the Cossacks. " Alexei knew how to play the accordion, his favorite song was "fine ash." Rowan has grown and the window of his room in the village, and then no one could have imagined that in a few years a scou
t Vorobyov will call in Chechnya — "Rowan". Teachers predicted a great future, he was gifted in many sciences. We thought that Alex went to enter the Moscow State University, and he did not tell anyone, went to school Ryazan landing. At the end was sent to serve in the Pskov division. As a lieutenant, he continued to keep a journal, meditate, very fond of the King, the Orthodox faith. In Ryazan, was married with his odnoselchankoy, they had a son Artem. In Chechnya went voluntarily. And in that fight, it was he had the particularly heavy share — he first saw the snow footprints militants leading to the side of Ulus-Kert, its first reconnaissance platoon took the fight with the bandits at 12:45 on February 29th, and last of all he was killed, died of wounds and the loss of blood in the morning of March 1. Being injured, he managed to flash a machine gun militant leader warlord Idris.

You can tell the story of each boy and each find their own spiritual support its military and human achievement.

This feat paratroopers can inspire reflection on the deep spiritual sense of the military oath, faith and loyalty, about the history of the Russian people, a bright light which shone feat of Russian soldiers on how national and spiritual revival of Russia.



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