Pskovelectrosvar: the modernization of production and new products

CJSC "Pskovelectrosvar" is a group of companies "technology metals".

The group of companies "Metal Technology" combines the Pskov region several plants — "Pskov Cable Plant" factory of precision casting "Tochlit", "Pskovgeokabel", "Gispribor-M" building designs "Warm House" plant "Pskovelectrosvar" . 

"Pskovelectrosvar" — The unique engineering enterprise with a complete production cycle of heavy electric welding and associated equipment, which is used in metallurgy, oil and gas, automotive, enterprises of the military-industrial complex. The company produces the full range of equipment for the construction of rail-welding companies, cable and logging industries "turnkey".    

new product JSC "Pskovelectrosvar" — the receiver of the brand PT (receiver traversiruemy)  


February 16, 2012 the company Farab Co, Iran visited JSC "Pskovelectrosvar" to get acquainted with the equipment at the factory.

The guests were shown welding of rails by car MCP-63.01, available in the rail-welding production lines of production. Welding machine MCP — 6301A is designed for butt welding of rails with pulsating fusion in stationary conditions.  


There was also a demonstration of the complex QRS-01, designed for butt welding of pipes of steel grade X52-X80 1220 mm in diameter with a wall thickness up to 15 mm in a string of gas and oil pipelines on pipe welding base and route conditions in a continuous or pulsed reflow.   


At present JSC "Pskovelectrosvar" revives a unique technology-butt welding of pipes.


September 22, 2011 at ZAO "Pskovelectrosvar" passed the acceptance test complex equipment such as KSM-01 for butt welding of offshore pipelines with a diameter of 1220 mm with a wall thickness of 27 mm.  


Professional contest



In June 2011, JSC "Pskovelectrosvar" in the long cooperation with the Republic of Cuba has produced the flash butt welding machine MSO-604.





Commissioned in 2011 Test Laboratory Centre CJSC "Pskovelectrosvar" carries a full cycle of destructive types of tests of metals and welds.


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