PSKR Diamond Project 22460 (video)

"Diamond" — the only ship in the Border Management in Dagestan with the most modern navigation and automatedcontrol. The "Diamond" has lots of advantages that improve the work on the protection of maritime borders. Today, he went out on patrol, and only a month back to the port. For correspondents leading channels on board was organized tour. 

Border patrol ship "Diamond" has taken up the service. Go to the bank, he will approach no longer soon. Women on board — such exception made only for journalists. However, contrary to superstition, we still welcome welcome. The commander Alexei Vezhansky gives instructions before the landing of the inspection. Boat gently with coarse oblique slip, drained the water, but the wind still makes itself felt.

While the guards are going to inspect the territory, the commander leads us to the very heart of the "Brilliant" — in the command post. At full speed, the ship can reach speeds up to 30 knots. Radar can detect trespassers and poachers within a radius of 48 miles. The ship "Brilliant" is the youngest in the Caspian Sea it launched the shipbuilding firm "Almaz" in St. Petersburg. Last year, he supplemented state of the Coast Guard Dagestan. "Diamond" — the only one in the squad and border patrol ships, which has a runway for the helicopter. However, the helicopter itself yet, but soon will be. On this site you can land even at night, and circle, and the band is completely covered. In the meantime, the air patrol lead by aircraft. Thanks to the automation control systems, the minimum number of crew. It is possible to create comfortable living conditions, unusual for Coast Guard ships. All cabins — a TV and a bathroom. There is also a medical center equipped for simple operations. According to the commander of the main corridor leads us to a room entertainment. While the personnel of the rest after watch, the cook prepares them lunch. The whole month "Diamond" will surf the sea, on which latitude and longitude it will throw an anchor — a military secret.

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