PSM DRILLING ENGINEERS capsized on its head

Newest Design project of "PSM" totally electrifying work of an offshore drilling platform. Generators of high power thyristor and the automatic control system will refuse to lower the rotor and run on top drive. 

The vast majority of drilling, which are now used in the oil and gas fields have been in use for more than 40-60 years. They are obsolete — that’s a fact. Basically, they work on a mechanical system, when each element has its own specific actuator. Finally, to start the rotor spinning reel and pumps require energy from 5 to 9 diesel engines! A failure of at least one — stop operation of the entire rig.

Extending the life-systems of the "veterans" possibly due to the modernization of the energy system. This will allow for a long time to use them for drilling, as well as greatly increase work efficiency. In addition, it is reasonable to "reform" the drill — much more economical than buy a new one.

It is understood the owners of one of the "deserving" platforms, the storm super-deep oil wells in the Caspian Sea. They urgently need to install the update. And in the "PSM" ready to offer a specific solution. The new project includes a comprehensive energy supply system based on the diesel-generator units with thyristor converter and control console drilling process.

Especially for the project "PSM" will bring together four diesel generators of 1200 kW each. They are designed based on Mitsubishi — the most reliable engine in the segment of high power. Features and specifications of the engine make it possible to use it as part of complex equipment in any condition. Power plants are equipped with synchronous generators AVK (one of the trademarks of Cummins Generator Technologies), which will give current voltage of 600V. They have a degree of protection IP 44 and are certified in accordance with the terms of Maritime Register. The complex will include a new thyristor. It will transform the resulting alternating current to direct current and smoothly adjusts the speed of the motors. Because of this load will be evenly distributed between the electrical equipment is, and the power generated energy — "adapt" to the changing needs of the winch and mud pumps. Special control console in real time displays all options and performance drilling unit.

Additionally, the kit provides diesel generator ADDo-300 (capacity of 300 kW, the engine Doosan) with the system startup by using compressed air. It will provide a comfortable work rig workers, providing energy for household needs.

The system of electric drive drilling platform meets the latest requirements of drilling technology. First, it doubles the efficiency due optimum torque transmission to the actuators. Second, thanks to the even distribution of the load increases the lifespan of power drill. Third, the electric drive system reduces operating costs — fuel and oil consumption is reduced by 30%. And it would eliminate the use of the rotor and move to a more optimal upper actuator.

Such a scheme of modernization rig refers to recent developments PSM. The solution is designed to the smallest detail, and may soon go into production. We are confident that the experience of the design engineers PSM enough for accurate implementation of all settlements in life. After all, they have repeatedly developed complex engineering projects that are successfully operating in the real world.

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