PSMA Rus’ first pre-released a Peugeot 408

Kaluga plant "PSMA Rus’, where cars are going to Peugeot, today released the first pre-production car Peugeot 408, which was developed specially for the Russian market. Serial production of the car will begin in mid-2012, with the first model of the new product will be released at the Kaluga plant "PSMA Rus" on a full cycle. In addition, even the first commodity cars Peugeot 408 will receive a number of components from domestic and foreign suppliers in Russia. Thus, the seat Peugeot 408 will supply the U.S. company Lear, bumpers for the new model to its Russian facilities produces a Canadian company Magna, a French company Faurecia, which the company is also in Russia, supplying internal and external plastic components, including the instrument panel, door trim and the exhaust system.

As noted in the «Peugeot Russia", the record length in the class Peugeot 408 (4,703 m) and long wheelbase (2.71 m) allowed us to expand the space for rear passengers, providing them with more comfort. Trunk volume will amount to 526 liters. The large width (1,815 m) and height (1,505 m), the body increases the level of security.

Peugeot 408, designed for three key market brand — Russia, China and Latin America, was adapted to the climatic and road conditions in Russia. The car has a reinforced suspension, high ground clearance, high-capacity battery, more powerful generator, as well as heated seats increased efficiency (in Russian modification of the control panel for ease of heating is located on the console between the front seats). Besides increased efficiency of air ducts that direct air to the feet of passengers seated behind. The new sedan has options such as heated bottom of the windscreen (windshield in the area of peace) and heated washer nozzles, besides the car is equipped with extended tank for windshield washer fluid. All versions of this model at the factory installed metal guard. Improved access to the luggage compartment and fuel filler lid. All version of the Peugeot 408, made of steel, which has high corrosion resistance.

For Peugeot 408 is a wide choice of engines and transmissions. This is the first model of the local assembly, all versions of which offers a powerful and economical diesel engine 1.6 HDi.

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