PSV debut in Farnborough


Perhaps, the main novelty of holding "Helicopters of Russia" at this air show in Farnborough can be recognized for the first time publicly demonstrated by the company’s stand models of promising medium-speed helicopter (PSV) B-37. It is the result of part of the holding "Helicopters of Russia" Moscow Helicopter Plant. ML Mile program PSV osuschestvlyamoy on a competitive basis by both leading developers of domestic helicopters (firm "Kamov" within the framework of the project proposed PSV Ka-92, and is currently engaged in experimental work on a flying laboratory for testing of technical solutions speed helicopter.

Unveiled at Farnborough as a PCI model is created in the classroom, close to the current Mi-8 (Mi-17), and will have a takeoff weight of about 11 tons, with a payload of 3.4 tons. According zamslu developers, perfect aerodynamics of the fuselage in combination with the use of progressive support system will allow the car cruising speed of the order of 370 km / h, which is partly reflected in the model name.

It is expected that more detailed information about the "Milewski" PSV will be distributed at the show in Farnborough in the coming days. Air show has just begun (the post will be updated!).

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