Public information display for the street — made in Russia

Forced to write this article skeptical and even negative comments on the "Made in us," the article "Transparent displays — a new solution for trading and advertising." The Russian company "Mediavizor" created its own product based on LCD-module Samsung. The product, which is called the Public Information Display (PID). And PID Mediavisor became competitor finished product from Samsung, namely this product:

The company "Mediavizor" realized the scheme of thermoregulation in Outdoor-screen version of the closed loop. The design of the street display of "Mediavizor" provided that the outside air at all gets into the system — it is used only for thermoregulation. In the resulting product a Russian company has the advantage that the data terminal does not require service: the liquid crystal matrix, the control unit, computer, power supply, i.e. all electronic equipment — enclosed in a sealed housing. Ventilation sealing body is a closed loop. To cool the air inside the sealed enclosure used air heat exchanger. On one side of the heat exchanger is blown outside air for cooling the other side passes through the air used in the hermetic housing.

The two air streams are completely separate. Between them is only heat. This arrangement provides full protection for electronic equipment of any external influences and, therefore, the system does not require any maintenance.




When you turn on the display in low and high temperatures automatically locks the power supply to the display to prevent damage under extreme conditions. The ventilation air circulation inside the display and cools it to the optimum temperature with superheated housing or heats the air inside the display while it is turned on at low temperatures.


Developed several versions of street display: double-sided and single-sided, vertical and horizontal:



The build process:

Thus the Russian company "Mediavizor" launched production of the Public Information Display (Public Information Display), which can be used in all weather conditions (degree of dust and moisture protection — IP65). Applications: Railway, airports and other modes of transport, banks, etc. Available as an option Indoor-screen:

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