Mikhail Zadornov "9 VOMITING" What kind of movies today most advertise? At that without advertising, few will go. Not created by the artists and merchants of cinema. No wonder today’s kinodeltsy call their films production. Or more cynically — merely the product. It seems like there is not much difference between the films kilometers and kilometers of sausages. The purpose of these kinopovarov not increase the degree of love of humanity, do not increase the amount of good in him, and his cine vtyuhat popKORM and collect moolah with popcorn suckers. How often speak of their own kind, not in the least embarrassed themselves hucksters-directors: "Intelligent people in the world is not enough. They do not earn much. Therefore, we are preparing a product for cattle ». [Cut] We have a decent movie," Cook "," Polumgla "," His Wife’s Diary, "" The Cuckoo, "" Neptune Holiday "," My Autumn Blues "," plot " "Thunder" and many others … All you name it. But, unfortunately, they are rarely seen because the filmmakers did not have enough money for a public relations campaign. Do not they hardhead. Not kinopovara. But the specific charges made "bastards", "Load-200", "Anti-killer", "Watch-1", "Watch-2." "9th company" … One of my friend, the actor, not the elite, and of decent, going to see the last movie called "The 9th vomiting." A Bondarchuk — "our glamorous paratrooper." Like, from his grenade launcher, even with the screen pulls a French perfume. I’m in my surroundings do not know a single person who would like these movies. Surely any. Thank God, not among friends. A record number of spectators gathered ‘funniest movie. " As noted wits, the funny thing in it — titles. Again saves Russian proverb — a blessing in disguise. Cattle-it was not as cattle, as the producers wanted. Sorry, the last dirty word. Our people slowly began to close themselves from such kinonechistot from intellectual banality of glamor mat … Even though enhanced advertising and public relations campaign to lure more and more difficult kinotorgasham "cattle" in cinemas bydlovym their product. Already touted as the "Inhabited Island"! And something the audience did not particularly drawn to it. Is not that reassuring? People umneet eyes. Itself, without any instructions from above, puts pros with minuses in its place. Quipped one of the critics: "Inhabited Island" made uninhabitable cinemas. "

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