Public transportation Leningrad appeared On Yandex.Maps

Yandex learned to build routes of public transport for the twelve cities in the Leningrad region. Now planning a trip, for example, or VSEVOLOZHSKY Priozersk can not only drivers, but also pedestrians.


The service is available for Vsevolozhska, Gatchina, Kirov, Communards, Nicholas, Luga, Luban, Priozersk, Sertolovo Siverskoye, Pine Bora Tosno.

Service builds routes to suit all kinds of urban transport and traffic congestion. By setting the start and end of the path, the user will get the fastest currently travel options. The situation with traffic constantly changing, so that the constructed with a difference of half an hour routes may vary. In addition to traffic jams, Yandex take into account the speed of traffic, waiting at bus stops and other parameters.

Travel router with the traffic jams not only works on web service, but also in the application Yandex.maps for phones on Android. The owners of these devices can build routes from anywhere — for example, in a store or at a party.

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