Pulkovo Airport met the 11 millionth passenger

In ahead of the Christmas holidays from the terminal "Pulkovo-2" went to Paris by plane Airbus A319 of Air France Oksana Pechenkina, which became the 11 millionth passenger airport in 2012. This figure annual passenger traffic is an absolute record in the history of the airport, it is noteworthy that this is a momentous event took place in the 80-year anniversary of "Pulkovo".

In the past year, the airport of St. Petersburg has continued to expand its route network. For 11 months, was opened 22 new flight: Alicante, Venice, Djerba, Corfu, Kefalonia, Pardubice, Pula, Tenerife, Tokyo, Eilat, Astrakhan, Belgorod, Noyabr’sk, Stavropol, Tomsk, Russia, Khanty-Mansiysk, Yaroslavl, Andijan, Gyumri, Kurgan Tube, Lankaran and Nukus. The total number of scheduled flights was 156.

On the eve of New Year Santa Claus handed the passenger anniversary gifts from the airport and the airline Air France. Fairy-tale characters wished Oksana unforgettable trip to the beautiful city of the world, high-rises and soft landings in the coming year. In a bag with Christmas gifts she found an e-book, a certificate for free access to the business lounge airport and a free ticket from Saint Petersburg to Paris.

Yevgeny Ilyin, Commercial Director of "Northern Capital Gateway": "We wish all the guests" Pulkovo "as many joyful meetings and exciting travel to in 2013 were put into practice all the initiatives, plans and dreams. Airport changes and strives to make travel and flights more comfortable and enjoyable for passengers. The following New Year’s holidays Airport passengers will be welcomed in the new central terminal. "

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