Pulkovo Airport reveals the secrets of building a new terminal

Friends, it has happened! Today we are pleased to present to you a unique video "MEGASTROYKI: airport" Pulkovo ", dedicated to the construction of a new central passenger terminal in St. Petersburg. Ask you to support us hits, huskies and repost — let the video looks the maximum number of users. Know you can.: )

As the saying goes, this is how we do.

Video shot in the style of an unusual time lapse (artificial slowing down and speeding up the movement of objects, lights and shadows) and allows you to fully appreciate the scale of construction work and the beauty of the new passenger terminal of the airport "Pulkovo".

The shooting took place at different times of the day, the operators working in the most remote points of the St. Petersburg Airport, applied even aerial photography of the future terminal. The audience for the first time will be able to see the airport terminal under construction with a bird’s eye and assess the scale of the ongoing project — similar to this panoramic views are available only at the project photos.

From today, the video is available on the official pages of the airport in social networks:

— http://www.youtube.com/user/PulkovoLED 
— http://www.vk.com/pulkovo_led 
— http://www.facebook.com/AirportPulkovo 
— http://www.pulkovo-led.livejournal.com 

Recommended in HD, of course.

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