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The specialists of the Russian company "Pultruded technology" based on the recent development of high-tech global composites industry has developed and patented a completely new series of sheet piles of ultrakompozitnogo material. Data sheet piles have the same advantages as the piles of PVC, but is much cheaper and many times stronger than imported composite sheet piling on the basis of polyester and epoxy resins, and they have a load-bearing capacity, superior metal counterparts, winning the latter for the price.

The unique technology of high-pressure injection pultrusion process is unique in the post-Soviet space!

Enforcement of the bank using a sheet piling of composite materials is today considered the most promising technology in the world. The first set of composite sheet piles were conducted in the United States for more than 10 years ago and during the operation period proved to be the best side. The cost of installation and maintenance of objects further down in times! At the same time restoring wooden and steel sheet pile structures onshore in the U.S. each year, spending more than a billion dollars. Over the years, the world was installed many thousands of kilometers of composite sheet piling, and the world their consumption is growing from year to year.

  • Caspian Sea
  • Caspian Sea

Until recently, the Russian market was attended only by the stone gabions and two kinds of tongue — a metal cleat Larsen and tongues of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The use of the world’s best composite solutions constrained by the high cost of imported products of decent quality and the backlog of domestic technologies.

The advantage of metal sheet piling — a large load capacity and durability.

However, the device walls with metal dowels does not work properly due to the expected effect of recent exposure to corrosion and heavy weight designs.

The advantage of PVC sheet piles — to carry out work on the delivery and installation due to low weight. The main drawback is the small carrying capacity.

This opens up vast prospects for the application of this product:

Construction: waterproofing walls, gates, piers, docks, dams, rail, water intake and drainage facilities, piers and retaining walls, tunnels, underground structures, manifolds.

Decoration: pits, shafts, drainage pipe bends, slopes, bridge supports, the landscape, the foundations of buildings and facilities, landfills, sealed water traps, sewage treatment plants.

Strengthening: the base of foundations, walls trenches and pits, river banks, canals, islands, slopes, quicksand, scree, dam, dock and mooring facilities, mooring bollards.

  • object on the river Stormy
  • object on the river Stormy

And this is not a complete list of applications of the product, especially in hostile environments. System

equipped with additional elements — angle connector and power unloading zones.

From the point of view of Mount ultrakompozitnye dowels can be used in granular soils consisting mainly of gravel, sand, sandy silt, as well as in the related, dense soil consisting of clay and silt. Immersing data sheet piles into the ground, erect durable and reliable construction — ultrakompozitnuyu textured wall. Such a hydraulic structure reliably strengthens the banks of rivers and water bodies, protection against erosion, landslides and mechanical stress, is used to waterproof the coastline.

The tongue is made of ultrakompozitnogo material has a high mechanical resistance to abrasion, cracking, scratching. It does not corrode, rot and sea water, do not require maintenance refractory resistant to the seasonal temperature changes (wall bearing capacity for loads from 200 kNm / m at a temperature range from +50 ° C to -60 ° C without permanent deformation ). The ability of a material to resist ultrakompozitnogo aggressive environment substantially higher than that of steel and concrete. The warranty period of piles of this stuff — unlimited. Ultrakompozitnye sheet piles combine the advantages of rational construction of prefabricated building, demanding security installations and the environment while taking into account the appearance that meets the highest requirements. Areas of use ultrakompozitnyh sheet piles extend to all areas of construction — from the traditional construction of hydraulic structures and underground structures, civil engineering, communications, and to environmental protection.

From the data sheet piles can successfully perform the work of any complexity. Castles. products provide a high integrity joint. They are made in such a way that they allow to bend a sheet pile wall along the natural shoreline, allowing you to save the coastal landscape intact.

Sheet pile has sufficient depth dive into the ground and serves as a waterproof barrier between the water and soil. The compounds are found along the sides of the tongue, that is, zones at a distance from the largest load. Fencing of these products is obtained as a reliable physical and mechanical properties of the pile is quite high (moment of inertia to 30150 cm4/ M, the moment of resistance to 4250sm3/ M).

Another advantage of the technology lies in the fact that the option of strengthening the shore is convenient and easy to install. Work on the dive sheet piles made a special tool (vibrator, pneumatic hammer), which allows them to perform fast enough. Performance is about 15 linear meters per shift (8 hours) from the shore (with a depth of piling up to 3m). Dive sheet piling is carried out self-contained hydraulic stations or facilities on the basis of the excavator. May use special boats or pontoons equipped boom for mounting the vibrator, which allows installation of sheet pile wall as from the shore and from the water. Type of equipment depends on the type of soil and the depth of immersion.

In summary, we note the strengths of bank stabilization using ultrakompozitnyh sheet piling. First, it is economical (much less the cost of material and works in comparison with analogues of concrete or metal), shorter construction in connection with the use of ready-to-install elements of sheet piling. Lightweight products provides simplicity and ease of transportation and installation. Second, the work can be carried out in remote areas and in all weather conditions. Third, there is no need to involve large heavy equipment, so there is no risk of violation of the landscape. Finally, another important argument in favor of this technology: ultrakompozitny tongue lets you create has an aesthetic appearance fence (with a choice of color solutions is wide enough).

  • Gulf of Finland
  • Gulf of Finland

"The growing volume of construction and works to protect the coastline, weighed down by complex geology, the requirement to minimize the financial costs while maintaining an acceptable level of reliability, increasing the level of costs for transportation, labor costs, etc., forcing designers, customers and contractors to develop modern flexible and energy-efficient products and world-class technology. We are pleased to offer our customers the best potential in the global market in this seg
ment of the product of its own production. In the near future, our team plans to significantly expand the range of products for hydraulic engineering, including a more powerful tongue and reinforcement on the basis of innovative binder, a number of other products that are not represented on the Russian market. Gabion — echoes of the Stone Age, dowels Larsen — Iron, we are entering a new era — a composite and create a new branch of the Russian industry is absent in the present, — a branch of structural composites. "


Anatoly zhirik

The Executive Director of "Pultruded Technology"

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