Pultruded technology in hydraulic engineering

In the 50’s of last century, the world saw the first sheet pile design of composite materials, which have been carried out by American scientists. For many years, this technology does not take root in Russia because of its high cost.
But time does not stand still. The rapid development of modern technology demands new materials with predetermined properties: ultra-high strength, hardness, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, cost and other characteristics.

One of the pioneers in the field of pultruded fiberglass — industries, to date virtually absent in Russia, is JSC "Pultruded technology."

In early 2012, the company’s specialists developed a completely new range of sheet piles of ultrakompozitnogo material produced by a unique technology of high pressure injection pultrusion. The material has a high mechanical resistance to abrasion, cracking, scratching, it does not corrode, rot and seawater, requires no maintenance, refractory and resistant to temperature changes. 

The ability of a material to resist ultrakompozitnogo aggressive environment substantially higher than that of steel and concrete. Sheet piles of material ultrakompozitnogo have the carrying capacity, superior metal counterparts, and the cost of 1 m? ultrakompozitnyh sheet piles below the cost of metal, with a comparable allowable bending moment. The warranty period ultrakompozitnogo piles of material is not limited.

All this, without a doubt, make the best product in this segment of the world market at present.

The absolute advantage for customers is the ease of installation of composite sheet structures. Work on the dive sheet piles made a special tool (vibrator,
pneumatic hammer), which allows them to perform fast enough. Performance
approximately 15 linear meters per shift (8 hours) from the shore (with a depth of piling up to 3m).

Work on installation produced in hard to reach areas in all weather conditions. Not required
attracting large heavy equipment, so there is no risk of collapse of the landscape.
Due to its modular design and low weight products is ensured simplicity and ease of transportation, which together with the ease of installation results in a significant reduction in time
construction and the cost of it.

"Hydraulic Engineering, often burdened by complex geology, the requirement to minimize costs while maintaining an acceptable level of reliability, increasing the level of costs for transportation, labor costs, etc. forcing designers, customers and contractors to develop innovative modern world-class technology.

We are pleased to offer our customers the best potential in this segment of the product of its own production. We are the winners of the various exhibitions and nominations of both Russian and international levels. In the near future, our team plans to significantly expand the range of products for hydraulic construction and mining industries.

We are creating a new branch of the Russian industry is absent in the present — the industry
structural composites, and we are in the best! "- said the Executive Director of" Pultruded technology "Dmitry Iliukhin.

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